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Jean Luc Picard: Friends and neighbors we’ll return to our story in a moment, but first my comrade would like to share a bit of information.

Macho Man Randy Savage: OOOOOHHH YEAAA that’s right Captain, I’ve got a hunger that’s too hot to handle and too cold to hold… oooh yea

Ultimate Warrior: You need a snack that has the power of the warrioooorrr!

Macho Man Randy Savage: Ooh yea, Best there is, past, present and future ooooooh  yea!

Ultimate Warrior: Load Up the Spaceship with Rocket Fuel!

Macho Man Randy Savage:  I’m the tower of power, too sweet to be sour. I’m funky like a monkey, the Sky’s the limit and space is the place.!

Jean Luc Picard: Gentlemen, are you going to pitch catch phrases back and forth or are you going to share your information.

Macho Man Randy Savage: Oooh yea, have you ever been hungry that you feel you could just eat your hand?

Ultimate Warrior: I could eat my hand now!  For I have the will of the warrior!

Macho Man Randy Savage: Yea snap into a Slim Jim! It’s packed with protein and flavor!

Jean Luc Picard: This sounds like a most nutritious supplement; does it go well with Earl Grey?

Macho Man Randy Savage: It goes well with any thing ooohh yea!!! Snap into it.

Ultimate Warrior: But I’ve got a snack I like as well!  It’s the chippiest chip you can get!

Macho Man Randy Savage: Ooh yea whats that Warrior?

Ultimate Warrior: Sterzing’s potato chips!  They’re the best, you can’t have a bit, every time I open a bag I polish off the bag!

Jean Luc Picard: Delicious!  Now, set a course for the continuation of the story, warp 2 engage!