Charles Dickens: Scrooge found himself in the presence of a very intimidating spirit. In the novel, the Spirit didn’t speak, but for this telling…

Skeletor: Silence you insolent fool!  I am the Ghost of Christmas yet to come!

Donald Trump: Oh Spirit, I didn’t say anything, but I fear you the most.

Skeletor: As you should!  How unpleasant it is to see you, you sniveling coward!

Albert Einstein: Man, this dude is jacked and terrifying!  Just look at scepter he has!

Skeletor: You furry flea-bitten fool!  I’ll cover my throne with your hide!

Albert Einstein: Did he, is he talking to me?

Charles Dickens: I don’t know, but I do know that Scrooge was terrified as well.

Donald Trump: Spirit, I am prepared to follow and to learn with a thankful heart.

Skeletor: Excellent, now let us go as the night is waning fast!

Charles Dickens: Scrooge followed the Spirit and found himself in a street next to business men that he was familiar with.

Jimmy Hart: No, I don’t know much about it either, I just heard.

Jules Winnfield: I just know he’s dead

Jimmy Hart: Do you know when?

Jules Winnfield: Last night I believe, I wonder what he died of?

Jimmy Hart: I bet it wasn’t from kindness. I wonder what he did with all his money.

Jules Winnfield: Well he didn’t give it to me that for sure.  Its likely to be a cheap funeral.

Jimmy Hart: I probably won’t go, unless lunch is served.

Jules Winnfield: Oh, allow me to retort… its going to be a cheap funeral!

Jimmy Hart: What?

Jules Winnfield: I said its going to be a cheap funeral!

Jimmy Hart: What?

Jules Winnfield: What country is this?

Jimmy Hart: What?

Jules Winnfield: What isn’t a country I’ve heard of; do they speak English in this country?

Jimmy Hart: What?

Skeletor: Silence!  Enough, come lets us move on.

Charles Dickens: As the Spirit and Scrooge left the scene, the argument got heated.