12/17/2019: A Troubled Future

Charles Dickens: The Spirit led Scrooge to another familiar place.  It was his nephew Fred’s and the mood was certainly most different than from his last visit.

Beverly Crusher: Fred, dear you must go. I know you don’t want to, but you must.

Molar: Clara dear, I don’t know if it is worth my time.  I am not so sure he would do this for me?

Donald Trump: Spirit, why do you bring us here.  Why is my dear nephew Fred and his lovely wife Clara at odds?  Is this related to the businessmen’s argument?

Skeletor: You moronic fool! Don’t you pay attention to things?

Donald Trump: I didn’t know for sure, that’s why I’m asking.

Skeletor: I could right a book on what you don’t know.

Beverly Crusher: Fred, if you like I can go with if you like, but I don’t know if it is wise with me being well with our son Wesley…

Donald Trump: Why Fred is going to be a father!  This is great new Spirit!

Skeletor: Indeed, he is to be a father but that is not why I brought you here!

Albert Einstein: Yea I’m a bit confused too as to why he was brought here.

Charles Dickens: Well, if you remember. Fred was Scrooge’s only blood relative alive. 

Donald Trump: Spirit, do you know if their son will be healthy. Mercy me, I hope he’s ok.

Skeletor: It is not Fred’s son you should worry about, it is your own well being you should be worried about.

Molar: Clara, I don’t want to lose you or Wesley. No I shall go on my own.  It is something I knew I must do someday, and its best if I face this alone.

Charles Dickens: Fred left in a bit of a hurry while the Spirit took Scrooge to another familiar place.

Donald Trump: Why this is Bob Cratchit’s Spirit!  Yes this place is filled with much joy, but why is it so quiet?  Why is there no laughter?

Skeletor: Why am I not ruler of Eternia?  I do not know either of these things.  Enter and your answer shall be given!