12/18/2019: Oh NOES!!!

Charles Dickens: As Scrooge and the Spirit entered the Cratchit’s house, it was a somber atmosphere.  There were tears and sniffles among the family.

Deanna Troi: Children, come let us freshen up before your father gets here.

Man-E-Faces: Mom I can’t believe this has happened.

Deanna Troi: I know Peter, I know.

Little Man-E-Faces: Its not fair, why does this have to happen to us.

Deanna Troi: Its out of our control Little One.

Donald Trump: Spirit, why are they sad? Oh no, don’t tell me that Tiny Tim

Charles Dickens: At that moment Bob Cratchit entered the house, looking weak and sad.  He was pushing Tiny Tim’s empty wheel chair:

Donald Trump: No Spirit, no Say it isn’t so.

Skeletor: Why the long face Scrooge!  He was going to die, and he did. He decreased the surplus population!

Deanna Troi: Oh Imzadi, I’m so sorry.

Will Riker: I know Emily.  You should have seen the burial.  We picked out the spot near the lake where he liked to watch the swans.  Next to the five lights.

Deanna Troi: But Bob there are only four lights.

Will Riker: Perhaps, but I know that I will miss Tiny Tim

Deanna Troi: As will I… come children. Let us try to be Merry, as it is Christmas

Will Riker: Let us honor Tiny Tim with a prayer.

Charles Dickens: Bob Cratchit prayed with his family and the sobbing continued.

Will Riker: He always said I was his number one dad.

Donald Trump: Oh Spirit why must you torment me with these images.  Are you not nice or kind? You could be all sorts of generous and wonderful, yet you show me these dreadful images.

Skeletor: What!?  I am not Nice, I am not Kind, and I am not Wonderful! Now come!  Now join me as we leave these poor souls.