12/20/2019: Christmas Came!

Charles Dickens: And just like that Scrooge found himself back in his room and back in his bed.

Albert Einstein: So, it was all a dream!

Charles Dickens: Was it? We’ll never know.  But from Scrooge’s perspective, it was very real.  So real indeed that he was exceedingly glad.

Donald Trump: I’m back! My Bed!  My Sheets!  There all here! Today, what’s today?

Albert Einstein: Its Christmas!

Charles Dickens: Scrooge checked his calendar.  Just as he left it, it showed December 25th.

Donald Trump: December 25th, Christmas Day. I haven’t missed it! Oh, thank you Spirits! I don’t know what to do.  I’m excited.

Charles Dickens: Scrooge got dressed and as he got dressed, he saw the poor beggar that he saw with the Ghost of Christmas Present. He opened the window and called to him.

Donald Trump: You there, boy, what’s your name?

Barack Obama: My name? Its Barry O!

Donald Trump: What a fantastic name, Barry O, what day is today?

Barack Obama: Why today, its Christmas day!

Donald Trump: Indeed, I haven’t missed it!  The Spirits did it all in one night!

Barack Obama: Uh sure, I guess they did.

Donald Trump: Barry O, do you know the store down the way with the prize turkey?

Barack Obama: Of course, its almost as big as my ego!

Donald Trump: A remarkable clever young lad, go and get it for me!

Barack Obama: But with what?  I don’t have money.

Donald Trump: Ah let me redistribute some.

Charles Dickens: Scrooge threw him down a satchel with some money.  Enough for the turkey and then some.

Donald Trump: Go and grab it and bring it back. You can keep the rest.

Barack Obama: Wow! Thank you, sir,!  Anything else?

Donald Trump: Yes, also grab me a hamberder!

Barack Obama: Can do!

Charles Dickens: The beggar boy took off and Scrooge continued to get ready.  He had a great deal of things he wanted to do to right his past.

Albert Einstein: So finally, we are getting to the…

Charles Dickens: Yes Al, we’re finally getting to the Moral, Love and Generosity. It’s called narrative structure you dimwit.

Albert Einstein: Hey you’re no Einstein yourself… wait… did I just insult me by insulting me?