12/21/2019: Making it Right

Barack Obama: Mr Scrooge, Mr Scrooge, I brought the prize turkey for you!

Charles Dickens: The young beggar boy brought the prize turkey, but much to Scrooge’s surprise, it was still alive!

Donald Trump: Very good lad, this isn’t exactly what I thought the prize turkey was but that’s ok. Hey wait a second.  Isn’t that Mr Applegate?

Charles Dickens: Scrooge was right.  The Mr. Applegate whom yesterday asked Scrooge for an extension on his mortgage.  With him was his wife Lily.

Donald Trump: Mr. Applegate, oh Mr. Applegate a moment of your time please.

Zephram Cochrane: Please Mr. Scrooge, its Christmas.  My wife Lily and I are on our way to the London Choral Club to hear the Christmas Carols. Please have a heart, I know I can’t make our mortgage but don’t take Christmas from us.

Donald Trump: Mr. Applegate, I want you to know I forgive you of your late fee’s and I will not evict you and I’ll grant you an extension.  But please, let me join you to this Choral club to hear the music of the season!

Zephram Cochrane: My goodness, that’s a miracle thank you Mr. Scrooge, Thank you a hundred times over.

Lily: I thought you said he was an evil rich man?

Zephram Cochrane: Now darling, this is not the right time to mention that.  Mr Scrooge just answered our prayers!

Donald Trump: Its quite alright Mrs. Applegate, I was a bit of an Ogre.  But I assure you, that is in the past! Now let’s get to the Carolers

Charles Dickens: Just then two more familiar faces showed up.  It was the two Portly Gentlemen of the benevolent Order of Victoria Charity Foundation.

Zephram Cochrane: Merry Christmas!

Ted Dibiase: Merry Christmas!… Hello Mr. Scrooge.

Donald Trump: Ah yes, I was hoping I’d run into you both!

Hamburglar: Mr. Scrooge, its ok, we understand you don’t want to donate, but please don’t register your complaints with us.  Its Christmas.

Donald Trump: Of course, it’s Christmas!!! Let me show you my donation I’d like to make.

Charles Dickens: Scrooge handed one of them a large sum of money.

Ted Dibiase: Wow, Mr. Scrooge, I had no idea!

Donald Trump: A great start to a continuing trend.  This should include a great deal of interest and back pay for sure.

Hamburglar: Thank you Mr. Scrooge, Merry Christmas Mr Scrooge!

Donald Trump: Please, join us.  We’re heading to see the Carolers

Albert Einstein: I presume we are going to this as well?  I do like singing!

Charles Dickens: Absolutely we are going! But Scrooge got a bit distracted and remembered…

Donald Trump: One minute, lets take a detour.  I need to make one stop before we go. Then after the caroling, I want you all to join me.