12/22/2019: The Entourage

Charles Dickens: Scrooge and his entourage found the carolers in full time.  They were singing Christmas songs to fill the air with joy and laughter.

Donald Trump: Great job, splendid job! Now sing another!

Charles Dickens: The singers sang Angels from the Realms of Glory, Joy to the World and 142.

Albert Einstein: 142?  I am not familiar with that one. What is that?

Charles Dickens: O Little Town of Bethlehem, its right here on page 142 of this book…

Donald Trump: Lady, and gentlemen, would you be so kind as to follow me as we make a few stops?  I would love to have you sing at both places.  Would you do this?

Captain Kirk: Well… we… don’t usually do that but… I think… we could make an exception in your case… if you… made a small donation to the Toys for Tribbles club.

Donald Trump: Small donation, no… I can’t do that.  I will make a very large donation though.  Will that be ok?

Captain Kirk: That’s splendid!  We’ll have no choice… but to comply. Mr. Spock… give me a C please.

Charles Dickens: The carolers struck up the singing again as Scrooge led them to his nephew Fred’s house.

Donald Trump: Nephew, Clara.  Merry Christmas!

Molar: Why Uncle Scrooge, whatever brings you here?

Beverly Crusher: Fred, welcome your uncle.  He is welcome to join us.

Donald Trump: Thank you Clara, dear Nephew.  I see you have guests, so I won’t stay long.  But I wanted to give you some gifts I have for you.

Charles Dickens: Scrooge handed each of them a present and continued.

Donald Trump: And Nephew, I brought these gentlemen with me to let you know, I did make my donation.

Hamburglar: He did indeed, thank you again Mr. Scrooge.

Donald Trump: Most welcome Hamberderlar. And Fred, I want you to stop by often and check on me.  I want you to make sure that I don’t fall back into my hard ways.  Can you do that for me?

Molar: Why yes uncle I can!

Donald Trump: I will pay you for your time, here, here is a small advance.

Molar: What can I say Uncle?

Donald Trump: Say yes, and Merry Christmas!

Molar: Yes… yes I’ll do it!

Beverly Crusher: Merry Christmas!

Charles Dickens: Scrooge left with his entourage, he had one more stop to make and it was the most important to him.