12/23/2019: God Bless us!

Charles Dickens: Scrooge and his entourage arrived at the door of his loyal assistant. He wanted to make sure that it was a surprise, so he asked the group to be quiet and stand by without acting as if they were a part of his group. Scrooge pounded on the door.

Donald Trump: Bob Cratchit?!  Open up at once!

Charles Dickens: A bewildered and somewhat scared Bob Cratchit opened the door.

Will Riker: Mr Scrooge! What ever are you doing here today?

Donald Trump: Bob Cratchit, why were you not at work today?

Will Riker: But Mr. Scrooge, you gave us, I mean you said we could have the day off?

Donald Trump: I, Ebenezer Scrooge gave you a day off?

Will Riker: Yes, sir.  You did.

Donald Trump: Bob Cratchit I have had my fill of this.

Deanna Troi: And I’ve had my fill of your visit sir, I’d like…

Donald Trump: And therefore Bob Cratchit, you’re fired as my Assistant and…

Will Riker: What?

Deanna Troi: You sir can take your…

Donald Trump: AND Bob Cratchit you will become my partner in business.

Will Riker: Wait what?

Donald Trump: Yes Bob Cratchit, I am going to make you my full partner to take over my business someday.  I am going to raise your salary and pay your mortgage on this house.

Will Riker: My goodness Mr Scrooge, I don’t… I don’t have the words.

Donald Trump: Bob Cratchit, would you allow us to have Christmas Dinner here with you?

Will Riker: Yes,

Deanna Troi: YES! Please come in!

Charles Dickens: Scrooge and his entourage came in and there was a massive feast to be had. Scrooge took delight in seeing Tiny Tim’s face as all the people came in with gifts and food. Scrooge then told the Cratchits.

Donald Trump: I have purchased the prize turkey for you, I have pardoned it so you may do with it as you wish. Besides, here Tiny Tim try this hamberder!

Professor Xaiver: God Bless us, Everyone!