12/24/2019: Epilogue

Charles Dickens: Well Boys and Girls, and Al… What did you think of our little tale of about Love, Morale, and Generosity?

Albert Einstein: Well, it seemed like it took forever to get to the good part.  Like there was such build up.

Donald Trump: I felt that it was terrific, it was a way to make Christmas Great Again!

Charles Dickens: Thank you, so what was your favorite parts? Al?

Albert Einstein: Well, I particularly liked the updated story where the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come speaks.  I feel that added a new dynamic to the story.

Donald Trump: Yes, Mr. Skeletor as the Spirit was quite terrifying.  He was a natural choice.

Charles Dickens: I felt the same.  Donald, how did you feel about playing Scrooge?

Donald Trump: Well Chuck, I knew that this part was gonna be huge!  I was a perfect choice being president and all.

Albert Einstein: For a while, I mean you were impeached right.  So doesn’t that mean you’re removed from office and Mike Pence is our president, or does it mean Nancy Pelosi is?

Charles Dickens: I’m not even American and I know that is not how it works. But while we’re on that topic, Donald, do you feel there are any similarities you have to Ebenezer Scrooge.

Donald Trump: Well, I suppose there are a few. I certainly am found of hamberders like Scrooge was.

Charles Dickens: Yea about that… That was added as part of the updated story.

Albert Einstein: What else was added to the story?  I feel like the creative licensing was pushed to the limit here.

Charles Dickens: What creative licensing, I own the rights to this story.  It would be no different than a musician playing a slightly different version of their song in a concert.

Donald Trump: Are we almost done, here? I’ve got a wall to build and a team of lawyers to assemble.

Charles Dickens: We are. Same time next year?

Albert Einstein:  Wait, we’re doing this again next year?  I thought that this was it!

Donald Trump: Well, I gotta run.  Thank you for the time Mr. Dickens, I hope your story goes well.  Al, I enjoyed your Bernie Sanders Hair.  Stop by sometime and we’ll talk.