Happy 12th Chloe!

Dear Chloe,

Happy 12th birthday sweetie pie!

Congrats on your dozenth time around the sun! Sixth grade and you’re doing well. This time last year, you were not liking fifth grade a whole lot. But where did this last year go?

Well, you might recall you started out by getting sick after your birthday.  I don’t recall what you had but it seemed it stuck with you for about two months.  We even went to Minnesota during that blizzard, which was a great time for you and Sam but no so much for me and mom!

You did a pretty good job doing some train spotting for me when the Big Boy UP 4014 came through Boone.  You did some picture taking as well when we went to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train again this year in Mason City.  It was a bit neater because it was darker when we saw it, but the magic wasn’t the same this year because, well, you and Sam didn’t seem to be into as much.  Maybe it was because it was cold, maybe it was because we had to hustle back.  It might have been also because they brought the train in backwards (so the engine wasn’t lit up).  We’ll see if next year is better.

You are still a leader in Patch, and this year you had the Sailor Scripture down in the first month.  I think you had it down on week one, but I think you wanted to make sure before you tried.  Nothing wrong with that, however sadly this will be your last year in Patch.

We didn’t do a lot of traveling, mostly because that blizzard early kind of soured us on things.  Hopefully this year we can take a small trip someplace.

Keep working on the piano and all the crafty stuff you make!  You really do like making holiday themed crafted items.

We’re quite proud of you Chloe, and we love you so much. 

Happy Twelfth Birthday Chloe,

Love Dad, Mom, Sam

And others too!