Stepping up for the Cause

Season 6, Episode 6 (PSA)

On Presidents most recent trip to another swing state, someone very important wanted to speak with him.

“Mr. Trump, if I may take a bit of your time I want to update you on the marshmallow shortages” Mr. Stay Puft said as President Trump departed Air Force One.

“Who is this again?” President Trump asked his chief of staff.

“That is Mr. Stay Puft, owner and proprietor of Stay Puft marshmallows” Data said.

“Mr. President, I am sure you have heard that there are shortages of marshmallows because of this butt virus.” Mr. Stay Puft said. “No one knows why people are making a run on marshmallows and how it correlates to the butt virus, but I can assure you we are working feverishly to restock the shelves”

“Well that good!”  Trump said “That would be one les thing I’d have to worry about if you take care of the marshmallow.  I have to put all my energy into reelection, so thank you for your time!”

“If I could just have an hour of your time, I want to show you the new factory I just procured.” Mr. Stay Puft said.

“Listen, Mr. Stay Puft” Data said.  “The President really does not have time to take a tour of your factory”

“Nonsense Data!” Trump said. “Factory away!!!!”

“As you can see my new factory is huge!” Mr Stay Puft said.

“Yuge!?” Trump asked.  “I like yuge things!”

“Just wait till you see the inside Mr. Trump!” Mr. Stay Puft said.

As they went inside Mr. Stay Puft took them to the dry store room.

“As you can see here Mr. President, we have plenty of supplies ready to start mass production of marshmallows.” Mr. Stay Puft said.

“Mr. Data,” Trump said “You’re close to being fired.  You didn’t want me to see this glorious marshmallow plant.  This glorious marshmallow plant is huge, and is beautiful.  Its beautiful.”

“Again Mr. Trump, you need to keep matters of the state and your reelection before your personal matters” Data said.

“This concerns national security!” Trump said furiously! “We have a butt virus happening, and people need their marshmallows and stores can’t keep them stocked!  This is very important!”

“Mr. Trump thank you for your time, I assure you we will produce and stock the shelves” Mr. Stay Puft said.

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