Just Like Old Times

Season 6, Episode 8 (PSA)

“Where is Kamala?” Grimace, Joe Biden’s chief of staff asked Joe.

“Who’s Kamala?” Joe replied. “Does she like a man with hairy legs?”

“Oh no!” Grimace exclaimed.

“Robert you ol’ hound dog!” Joe said as he recognized his close ally. “And Kamala, are you ok?”

“And why is there a piano in here?” Grimace asked.

“Goodness me” Kamala said said as she picked her self up.  “It so hard to stand on this  carpet with these heels”

“But still, why the piano” Grimace asked.

“Oh I can answer that.” Robert Mueller said. “I thought it would be a nice addition to your office since we can play anything by ear, like we did the Russia collusion for 2016 on why we didn’t win the White House then.”

“So the plan now, as I was speaking to Robert before you got here is to just blatantly cheat.” Kamala said. “If anyone challenges we’ll just say they are racist and then mostly peaceful organizers will take care of them for us!”

“Genius!” Joe said. “Robert, play the Campton ladies!”

“I really can’t play the piano.” Robert said. “But I’ll do my best in your cabinet to protect you and blame Trump.

“Excellent, her I want you to have this campaign sticker for your car Robert” Joe said.  “Every bit of PR helps and I’m running with Barack to fix this country”

“Uh Mr. Biden, that is not from your current election bid, that is from 2008” Grimace said “Remember, you are running for President. And where did you get that anyway?”

“The same place we got that piano!” Joe said. “Hey Kamala, I smell you’re not wearing a butt mask, let me help with that.”

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