Finger Lickin’ Essential

Season 6, Episode 9 (PSA)

“What do you mean you won’t serve me unless I put a butt mask on?!?!” Skeletor demanded “I am already here, and ready to order my chicken!”

“I’m sorry sir, its corporate policy” Col. Bernie Sanders said. “We can sell you a butt mask for $.50. and then I can serve you”

“You fool! Don’t you see that if I bought that butt mask you would be serving me without me wearing a butt mask, so vicariously you can serve me with out a butt mask, so I demand five buckets of chicken… EXTRA CRISPY!!!!” Skeletor said.

“I’m sorry sir, policy prohibits it. You’re welcome to go through our drive through if you don’t want to wear a butt mask” Col Sanders replied. “Or you can purchase this butt mask, look its pretty cool on it, it says ‘I’ve been to KFC’ which is a great marketing campaign for us! Plus then you can feel the burn without others having to!”

“I shall take my leave” Skeletor said, “But know this!  I will not forget this!”

As Skeletor left he murmured “I shall vanquish this butt virus, for it is an ally of He-Man no doubt!”

After Skeletor left, Col. Sanders murmured “Man, the public sure are jerks.  I don’t want to be here but I have to be.  We provide an essential service to the public, doesn’t he realize that?”


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