Season 6, Episode 14 (PSA)

“Hello, I’m Bob Ross” Bob Ross introduced

“And I’m Ronald McDonald” Ronald McDonald said.

“And we’re here to share with you the importance of butt masks to spank the spike!”  Bob Ross said. “We want to tell you to maskdown to stop the spread!”

“That’s right Bob, and we are at one of many McDonalds, which are going the extra mile to ensure you can enjoy your food safely.  We are essentially cleaning the place to to bottom” Ronald McDonald said with a little giggle.

“We are also telling you to make sure you distance your self from your peers” Bob Ross said. “At least 6.3 feet for a happy little gathering”

“And if you don’t, at least in a McDonalds” Ronald said. “We have implemented devices that will encourage distancing.

“WEAK!” A.W.E.S.O.M.-O said as it pushed Bob Ross back.

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