“Totally” Legit… Probably

Season 6, Episode 15 (PSA)

“Ah Robert” Trump said as he greeted Robert Mueller. “What did you find, lots of blatant fraud I presume, or hacking?”

“Well Mr. President, I couldn’t find a lick of anything in anyplace I looked.  It just looks like a normal election, I guess you’re not as popular as you think” Mueller said.

“Not as popular as I think?!?!” Trump said. “You mean to tell me that sleepy Joe, who was the best the democrats could offer beat me, after I beat the chosen one?!?!”

“You mean Hillary” Data chimed in.

“Yes I mean Hillary, man sometimes I don’t know why I keep you around” Trump said as he looked at Data.

“Well Mr. President, I know its not a good look, but from what I can tell it looks totally legit to me.  In fact, since it was so honest, I would recommend that we don’t even put safeguards in place of future elections.  We can use the poll workers elsewhere and let it be on your honor for voting” Mueller said.

“Insane, and you’re fired Mueller,” Trump said “Guys come in here”

“I want you to meet the crack legal team I put together to expose you and what you’re trying to cover up!” Trump said as he introduced his lawyers. “Guys, thank you for coming.  Are you ready to get your hands dirty?”

“Well actually Mr. Trump” Will Riker said. “As your legal council we are going to recommend that you concede”

“WHAT!?!?!” Trump exclaimed.

“This does not compute” Data said shockingly.

“Yea, well we agree with Mr. Mueller that there isn’t enough hard evidence to take on this case, it is totally legit… probably.” Ted Dibase said.

“I can’t believe this.” Trump said. “You mean to tell me that even though there is video evidence of fraud, and there are a number of documented cases of long deceased americans voting for Biden that I am just supposed to give up and say, ‘well its ok because I lost fair and square’?”

“NO!  I didn’t lose fair and square, if I did we’d be having a different conversation.” Trump continued.

“Sir, I recommend that we execute plan Omega Factor 2” Data said.

“What is that?” Mueller asked

“Just wait and see” Trump said.