High Risk, High Savings!!!

Season 6, Episode 16 (PSA)

“Charles, I told you I need more marshmallows for my Christmas Krispies!” Sophia said.  “Last time because of the shortage, we didn’t get enough!”

“Look there is the store manager, lets ask him.” Charles said.

“Hold it there folks!” Jimmy Hart said. “We want you to be safe so please take a complimentary butt mask!”

“Thanks but what I really want is some marshmallows for my Christmas Krispies before the no good millennials get to them!” Sophia replied.

“That’s fine ma’am, but in order to enter it is mandatory for you to have a butt mask on.” Jimmy Hart said. “If you need assistance I’d be happy to help”

“No no, in your dreams buster!” Sophia said. “Only my Chucky chuck, can touch my butty butt”

“There we go, how’s that sweetie?” Charles said as he put on his wife’s butt mask.

“I feel safer already!” Sophia said. “Now can we go get some marshmallows?”

“Sure thing folks, we still have to limit you because supplies are thin” Jimmy Hart said.

“But I’m high risk, so I am going in before others can!” Sophia said.

“That’s right ma’am. We allow our high risk patrons to come in an hour early for your savings… er I mean safety!” Jimmy Hart said.

“Got em!” Sophia said. “Let’s go Chuck, these Christmas Krispies won’t cook themselves!”

“Out of my way you entitled twerp!” Sophia said as she walked past Ralphie.

“Are there any marshmallows left for others?” Ralphie asked.

“You entitled little millennial! No! We got the last two” Sophia said almost laughingly.

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