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Season 6, Episode 19 (PSA)

“Hey look he made it!” Biden said. “Glad you you come Robert!  Do you have good news for us?”

“Sure do Mr. Biden” Mueller said. “I told them I did not see any evidence that pointed to what happened”

“You mean us stealing the election?” Biden said.

“Joe, don’t say it out loud!” Kamala said.

“That’s right Mr. Biden.  I told him I didn’t see a reason to continue to investigate” Mueller said.

“Very good!  Now why don’t  you join us for a quick bite to eat!” Biden said.

“I really am not that hungry” Mueller said.

“Oh come on now, neither are we!” Biden said. “I just like eating here because I don’t have to remember my name!”

“And I like to dance on the bars here!” Kamala said.

“Aren’t you guys worried that your antics will cost you your ‘victory'” Mueller asked.

“Don’t worry!” Biden said… “you know what you need?”

“What’s that Mr. Biden” Mueller asked.

“WET WILLY!!!” Both Biden and Kamala said.

“Guys stop!” Mueller said.  “I can’t believe you are not even the slightest bit worried?  What are you going to do about the marshmallow shortage, the butt virus and so on?”

“Ah my cabinet will take care of that!” Biden asked.  “Hey did you know I have hairy legs?”

“What?!?!” Mueller asked

“Ok gotta run Mueller!  Catch you next time at Baracks Crab shack!” Biden said.

“Thats Joe’s Crab Shack Joe!” Kamala said as she corrected him.

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