Counseling isn’t Free, or Is It?

Season 6, Episode 21 (PSA)

“These trees look great Mr. President!” Deanna Troi said. “So why did you call me here, was it wasn’t to view the trees now was it?”

“No, not really” Trump said. “I think I might need some counseling.  Everywhere I look, every one is out to make sure that the voter fraud, which was illegal, and fraud, is covered up.”

“Well Sir,” Deanna Troi said. “I don’t think you ever had a chance of winning, legit or otherwise.”

“Would you mind clarifying yourself?” Trump said.

“Well Sir, I am convinced that there was never a way you could win because even if you had 300 electoral votes, they  would have contested it because they would have played the Russia hacking card again.  Or, we would have seen more of what we did see.  Emergency democrat ballots on a massive scale.” Deanna Troi said.

“You know something, you’re fired.” Trump said.

“Well one way or another sure, but as your friend can I give you a bit of advice?” Troi asked.

“I suppose, I don’t like taking advice that I disagree with” Trump said. “But lets hear it”

“I think you should confront your issues head on, and deal with them.” Troi said.  “You should meet with Joe and Kamala, you should also deal with the butt virus and the marshmallow shortage and not worry about fighting the election results.  The American people still need you.”

“Like I said before, you’re fired.” Trump said. “Now, leave me alone, I have some walls to admire yet”

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