Time to Act

Season 6, Episode 20 (PSA)

“Meetings, meetings, meetings!” Biden said.  “I’m tired of all these meetings.  When will I get to go back to putting random fingers in my mouth?”

“Joe, remember that no malarkey?” Kamala asked.  “We’ll there is a cost to it.  So not matter how bad you want to taste a finger or smell some hair, you have to act presidential!”

“You’re no fun Michelle!” Biden said. “Who are we meeting anyway?”

“I’m Kamala not Michelle.  Remember we are meeting with Senators Warren and Sanders, for a ‘Senators who ran for president and failed club'”

“But I won!” Biden said.

“Thats right Joe!” Elizabeth Warren said as she did a raised fist. “And the whole tribe is proud of you!”

“Let me just say this,” Bernie said.  “Is it fair that some Americans have a dishwasher and others don’t?”

“Hey!” Biden said. “I like this guys cut, g!  He looks like he has a butt mask on his head… hey he’s a butt head!!!”

“Joe, remember we are here to meet with them about getting the senate to act on the butt virus now that we won” Kamala said.

“Thats right!” Elizabeth said. “Now that we won the white house, we can quit playing politics and holding out on aid to the American people! Its time to act!”

“You’re right chief!” Biden said. “I like the way you have your hair done, do you mind if I touch it ever so nicely”

“Joe, must I remind you that you cannot be doing this to anyone.” Kamala said.

“Oh it’s ok” Elizabeth said. “My people like to have their headdresses touched”

“Why does no one pay attention to me?” Bernie asked.  “I feel like I am being burned at the stake here!”

“My people welcome you’re people” Elizabeth said. “We don’t burn people at the stake anymore”

“Right!” Biden said, because otherwise he’d fell the burn!”

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