Why Not Zoidberg?

Season 6, Episode 22 (PSA)

“Thank you Mr. Biden for meeting with me at this fine establishment.” Dr. Zoidberg said. “And thank you for getting my other request”

“Sure thing Dr. Z” Biden said.  “I can see why you wouldn’t want to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack.  But I like to eat at places with my name so I remember who I am!”

“Plus, this place makes me happy and it has games and is full of kids!” Biden continued.

“Joe, remember why we had Zoidberg meet with us?” Kamala said as she walked up. “Dr. Z, we want you to be our surgeon general and lead us to victory over the butt virus!”

“Yes, the butt parasite” Zoidberg said. “I think the best thing to do would be to make good on the promised meal maybe?”

“Oh sure, we’ll feed you Zoidberg, as long as you’re Happy like Joe and me… Joe!” Biden said.

“And its free right?” Zoidberg asked.

“Well it’s free to you and me, the American taxpayer will pay for this one!” Kamala said.

Zoidberg scuttled to celebrate and said “Now make sure you wear your butt masks on the inside of this restaurant, we don’t want to alarm the mother parasite!”

“We have both our butt masks on” Kamala said.

“I dunno Kamala” Biden said. “I better do an inspection before we go inside!”

“HOORAY a meal!” Zoidberg said.




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