Season 6, Episode 23 (PSA)

“Hey there you are, its Trumpster!” Biden said. “So glad you could meet us on my court. We want to try to work with you for the transition and we approved a stimulus package for the American people now that we are done holding it hostage.”

“You know, I’ve wanted to tell you and the rest of your fancy nancy democrats something, for a long time” Trump said.

“What’s that?” Biden asked.

“This is what I think of you,  and this is what the American people think of you!” Trump said.  “You may have stole the election but I am not going to do anything now to help you. Congrats this is your problem now.  Remember all those ads where you said you’re going to fix everything.  Well time to ante up Joe”

“But, but…” Biden started to say.

“Yea but but what, like the butt virus Joe, you’re a phony” Trump said.

“But how could you be upset with us?” Elizabeth Warren asked.

“Oh don’t even get me started Pocahontas!” Trump said. “Each of you and your party can enjoy the mess you created.”

“I’m so upset that I don’t even remember my name!” Biden said, then he looked at the sign. “Oh yea my name is Trader”

“Joe, you’re a big fat waste and a mess, you’re a big fat mess” Trump said. “I looked it up, your name isn’t Joe. Its Peter.”

“Peter?” Asked Kamala.  “You’re name is Peter?”

“Thats right bar dancer” Trump said. “His last name is File”

“I don’t remember any of this” Biden said. “But hey I do remember I like the smell of pert”

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