Will This Ever End?

Season 6, Episode 24 (PSA)

“We did it!!!” Stay Puft said as he high fived his pal Skeletor “We created a crazy pandemic and controlled the marshmallow market and made a pile of money!”

“Indeed we did, those fools believed it all!” Skeletor said. “Even the US Government!”

“We’ll it is interesting how that turned out.” Stay Puft said. “I thought what we did was pretty much robbery but dang that takes the cake.  Oh well, this Orange Man was good for our scheme!”

“Yes but there is one final thing I need to do” Skeletor said.

“What’s that?” Stay Puft asked.

“Remember when I told Col. Sanders that I wouldn’t forget that he refused to sell me EXTRA CRISPY chicken?” Skeletor asked.

“Oh yea!” Stay Puft replied. “What do you intend to do about that?”

“THIS!” Skeletor said.

“Oh no!” Col Sanders said. “My restaurant is destroyed! What will I do? I’m ruined!”

“But wait… what’s that smell?” the Col asked.

“Hey wait a minute! This gives me an idea!”

“Thank you for the business opportunity beam of power!?” Col Sanders said.

“Well we had a good time, but let us remember what this time of year is about” Skeletor said.

“That’s right!” Stay Puft said.  “It is about celebrating our Lord and Saviour’s birth!”

“And best friends through many adventures!” Skeletor said.

“That’s right!” Stay Puft said. “Same time next year?”

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