“Well, hello there Charles! It’s been about a year since I’ve seen you!” Albert Einstein said

“Salutations Albert!” Charles Dickens replied. “How’s life been treating you during this pandemic?”

“Well, I can’t complain. I recently got jabbed and got my butt booster, so I don’t have to wear the butt mask anymore.”  Albert replied. “How about you, were you able to get the butt booster?”

“Of course!” Charles replied. “But I don’t’ make a big deal about it, and it seems you don’t either”

“Nah, to each their own says I. HEY! Do you remember that story from two years ago that we narrated?” Albert asked.

“I sure do! That was a great time!” Charles replied.  “In fact, I have the book right here!”

“I was even going to share another one last year, but I had to go shopping with the wife all the time for marshmallows!  I am so sick of marshmallow hunting; I am glad that stores are fully stocked with them now.”

“Say that reminds me.” Albert said. “I have a story to share about marshmallows and their futures.  Would you like to hear it?”

“Sure!” Charles said and paused. “I mean how long will it take?”

“That’s a very good question.”  Albert said as he took a drink of his coffee. “It will take about 20-25 days.”

“What!?!?” Charles exclaimed, almost spilling his coffee. “I don’t have time for that!”

“Oh it will fly by fast, trust me!” Albert said. “Now our story begins in the city of brotherly love.”

“Philadelphia?” Charles asked.

“The same, and just so you know this was in the before times. The times before the butt virus, the butt vax, the butt mask, the marshmallow shortages and so on.” Albert said.

“I take it that it is important.” Charles said questioningly.

“It is, so when you get a visual of the story I am telling, you won’t have to ask if they got the butt jab” Albert said. “Any way, our story begins a few days before Christmas…”