Brandon, The Privileged

“Meet Brandon.” Albert said as he started to tell the story.

“This is the story about how his life got flipped-turned upside down…”

“Wait!” Charles interrupted.  “This isn’t a political story is it?”

“Not really, but some people find politics in everything, so just sit right there and I’ll tell you how Brandon rose fell and rose again” Albert replied.

In West Philadelphia, that was where Brandon was born and raised, on the playground was where he spent most of his days. He was chill, and relaxed and all cool.  Sometimes he was shootin’ basketball outside of his school.  But then a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in Brandon’s neighborhood.  He got in a fight and his mom got scared, and then she said “Let’s go Brandon you’re moving with your family in Delaware”

While in Delaware, he got decent marks in school, and eventually went to the University of Delaware and Syracuse, where he caught the eye of the Dukes…

“WAIT! Like the Dukes of Hazzard?” Charles interrupted and asked.

“If I may?” Albert pleaded and continued.

He caught the eye of the Duke brothers of Duke & Duke Investments. They hired him as an intern where he quickly rose through the ranks by aggressively climbing the corporate ladder.  Sure he got in the faces of some people, and he stepped on people on his way up.  Some rode with him by grabbing on to his hairy legs.  Others just watched.

Eventually, Brandon made it to become the President of Duke & Duke Investments.  On this particular morning, just before Christmas, Brandon was getting ready for the day with the help of his hired butler, Col. Cole Mann, who Brandon just called Colonel, Man, Coleman, Butler, Bernie or Joe. As he looked at the newspaper he said

“I have a hunch, that something is going on with marshmallows”

“Right, your breakfast sir” Cole Mann said

“Colonel, I have asked you many times.  I want ice cream for breakfast”

“I know sir, but sadly you don’t have the freezer room.” Cole Mann replied. “Will Jill be joining you for dinner tonight?”

“Yes, yes Jill will” Brandon replied.

Cole Man drove Brandon to his office, where all the employees greeted him with a hasty good morning. As Brandon entered his office, he turned on his ticker machine and said “Marshmallows! I knew it, I knew it!”