The Duke’s of TRiUMPh

While Brandon was in the office, the Duke’s were leaving their extravagant mansion.  As they left, some of their staff lined up as they always do to bid them a good morning as they always do.

“Good morning, Mr. Duke” they would say.  And every morning the Duke’s would silently nod as if to say “Nobody cares”

As they were driven to their office in downtown Philadelphia ensued.

“When do we sell?” Mortimer Duke asked his brother. Mortimer was the younger Duke who had an unfortunate accident as a child that left him bald.

“How stupid these scientists are!” Randolph Duke said. Randolph, the elder Duke was slightly less bitter and greedy than his younger brother but enjoyed the upscale life he lived.

“The eternal question!? There is no question, the answer’s obvious” Randolph said.

“I don’t care about heredity versus environment, I’m sick and tired of hearing it. I care how much we get for our marshmallows!” Mortimer replied.

“Brandon will sell at $89 and a half.” Randolph said. “The hairs on his legs are standing up on this one!”

“It’ll never get that high, lets sell now.” Mortimer said

“Patience, Mortimer” Randolph said calming his brother. “Let’s see if Brandon is right”

“Brandon’s wrong, look the price has topped out, I say we sell now!” Mortimer exclaimed.

“Just a few more seconds” Randolph pleaded.

“The market is going to close, we won’t get our order in” Mortimer said.

As he said that the market price for marshmallows showed $89.52, to which Randolph in his usually fashion grabbed his calculator.

“We just made and extra $2.2 million dollars.” Randolph said triumphantly.

“Get me Brandon” Mortimer said.

“Brandon?” Mortimer asked through the phone.  “Brandon, are you there?  You need to put the phone to your ear and mouth for it to work”

Back in the office, Brandon was on the “phone” with Mortimer.

“Whoops, that’s right” Brandon said as he swapped his phone for his mid-morning treat. “I never hand a shred of doubt in my mind, Mortimer. Yes I’m sure some investors wished that could get ‘s’more’ of that action. Ok, I’ll see you at the club”

As he hung up, he heard his secretary tell him on the intercom.

“Let’s go Brandon, your limo is ready!