As the Dukes entered the club they sat in their normal spot, Randolph grabbed his phone and Mortimer grabbed the latest Left Wing Periodical.

“Listen to this, this report says, ‘Expect this stagnation to continue until the Department of Agriculture’s January marshmallow report’ Its exactly as we though Randolph” Mortimer said to his brother

“Wrong!” Randolph said “Quite wrong, fake news!  They’ve given the Nobel peace prize to this genetics fellow and he doesn’t know the first thing about human nature!”

“Randolph, we’re about to make billions in marshmallows, and you’re worried about human nature” Mortimer replied to get under his brother’s skin.

“Money isn’t everything Morty” Randolph said “Papa always said you were greedy”

“He meant it as a compliment” Mortimer replied.

Just then, Brandon walked in carrying the payroll briefcase.

“Good morning Randolph, Mortimer!” Brandon said. “Its that time of the month again”

“I hate signing checks” Mortimer said. “I wish we didn’t have to pay our employees that often”

“Can’t get around the old minimum wage” Brandon said.  “And don’t forget to sign the big ones too!”

They signed a dozen checks or so and Randolph paused on one.

“$50,000 to Clarence Beeks!” Randolph said, “Who is Clarence Beeks?!”

“I meant to ask you both about that.” Brandon said.  “He seems to be an undocumented worker and the only thing I can find in records is that he registered to vote three times.”

As Brandon finished, Mortimer coughed loudly to suggest to Randolph to drop it.  Randolph got the hint as he remembered

“Oh yea, Clarence Beeks” Randolph said. “He’s doing some top-secret research for us, very top-secret”

“Research” Mortimer said reassuringly while Brandon looked confused… or I mean normal (editor’s note).

“Say, how’s Jill?” Mortimer asked to sway the conversation away from Beeks. “you know she’s our grandniece, right?”

“Jill is chill!” Brandon said. “She is coming over for dinner tonight and I plan to eat food from her hands. In fact, she better be careful because I might put her finger in my mouth!”

“Fantastic Brandon!” Mortimer said “You better hurry and leave!  Ezra, please show Brandon out.”

Ezra came in and opened the door for Brandon to exit.

“Let’s go Brandon, it’s the Duke brothers time for tea”

Ezra escorted Brandon out and the Duke’s continued their conversation.

“We are fortunate to have Brandon managing our firm” Randolph said.

“Oh hogwash!” Randolph exclaimed.  “Syracuse, Delaware. He’s the product of good environment”

“It has nothing to do with environment!” Mortimer stated “With his genes you could put him anywhere and he’d come out on top, It’s in his blood”