Dinner Plans

As the Duke’s prepared to set up their wager, Brandon was busy back at the office working on his executive game plan.  Suddenly the phone rang, it was his secretary.

“Brandon, I have Jill on line four” she said.

“Put her through please!” Brandon said and grabbed the phone. “Hey sugarpuff! I’m kinda tied up right now, what’s up?”

“Darling, I want to know if we’re having dinner tonight” Jill said

“Of course, remember, I am going to eat mashed potatoes off your finger!” Brandon said.

“Sounds sweet, so one more thing I want to ask you.” Jill said. “Mumsie wants to have a party for us, right after New Year’s on January 2nd.  Is that good for you?”

“Yea that would be fine” Brandon said. “That is nice of her to do that for us…”

He paused for a moment, which was not uncommon when he was deep in thought.

“Darling, are you there?” Jill asked

“Yea, I’m trying to remember something” Brandon said. “Something in my past, or possibly a movie or a cartoon”

“Are you for real Brandon?” Jill asked.  “I wanted to know about January 2nd, I have to give Mumsie an answer…”

“Wait I remember!” Brandon said cutting her off, which was also not uncommon. “I can’t do January 2nd, that’s when the marshmallow reports come out!”

“Oh Brandon, what does the stupid old marshmallow reports have to do with Mumsie’s party?” Jill said despairingly.

“Boo, it is the busiest time of the year!” Brandon said “You know that the reports come from all over the country and the Dukes make a lot of their revenue from marshmallow futures! We have to know what we can buy and promise our clients, it’s not like we can find 200,000 cases of marshmallows in four states if we are short on our order, we have to plan this out!”

“I suppose, I guess I’ll just have to take Todd” Jill said trying to provoke Brandon

“Now wait just a minute!” Brandon replied.

“I’m kidding pookums, see you at dinner!” Jill said and hung up.

Back at Brandon’s residence, Jill was eating a chicken dinner that Cole Mann had prepared.  As they were eating, Cole Mann took a call.  It was from the Dukes.

“Yes sir!” Cole Mann said as he recognized the Dukes.  But before he could reply they interrupted him.

“Look Cole Mann, this is very important that you don’t let Brandon know what this conversation is about.  We don’t want him to know what is going on” Randolph said

“Well, that shouldn’t be too hard sir” Cole Mann replied

“Look we know you might have to conceal your talking to us, let’s stick to yes and no questions.” Mortimer said.

“We want to perform a science experiment, but in order for it to work, we will need your help” Randolph said.

“We want to downgrade Brandon and put the gentleman that was arrested at the club” Mortimer said.

“Yes I know the one” Cole Mann said.

“Good, good, will you help us with this?” Randolph asked

“We’ll even give you a bonus for Christmas!” Mortimer said. “But you cannot let Brandon know what’s going on.  If you agree, just say something about donating to a charity.”

“Well sure sir, that would be fantastic.” Cole Mann said, “I would love to make a small donation to the Bernie Sanders mansion/glove fund.”

“Excellent!” Randolph said. “We’ll contact you later with more details!”

As Cole Mann hung up the phone he heard Jill and Brandon adjourning to the fire for story time.

“Let’s Go Brandon!” Jill said, “It’s time for us to find out what happens to the hungry caterpillar!”

“Wheee!” Brandon said.