Barack Hussein decided now was the time to celebrate his new success story by going and celebrating.  He decided to hit up one of his old stomping grounds and flaunt his wealth.

“Cole Mann, will you drive me to the Benihana up on 82nd street?” Barack Hussein asked.

“Sure sir” Cole Mann replied.

When they got there, Barack Hussein walked in and immediately he got an evil eye from Joe the Bartender.

“Barack Hussein Obama!” Joe the Bartender said. “You’ve got some nerve coming back here, after that tab you’ve left open!”

Barack Hussein reached into his pocket and started throwing money at Joe the Bartender.

“Look man, I’ve got your measly $27 dollars, plus interest.” Barack Hussein said. “I’m just her to spread the wealth around, so why don’t’ you get me a few drinks.”

The bartender left and immediately a few ladies at the bar were taking notice of Barack Hussein.

“That’s right ladies, I’m rich and the president of a financial company” Barack Hussein said. “And I’m a fighting machine!”

The ladies were not the only one that took notice of Barack Hussein, the two gentlemen that were in jail with Barack Hussein also were in the bar. They approached him menacingly.

“You were in the tank last night, bragging about your limo and fighting skills” the one said.

“YEA” the other said in his characteristic deep booming voice.

“You’re the punk that we were going to stomp for running his mouth, writing checks your body can’t cash!” the one continued.

“YEA” the other said again.

“Punk?” Barack Hussein asked. “Punk? Moi? That just happens to be my limo outside, why don’t you go and take a look at it”

As the two guys went to go outside Barack Hussein continued talking to the ladies

“Man, I was about to bust some face up in here with them” Barack Hussein said.

The two guys stepped outside and found a limo with Cole Mann standing outside of it.

“May I help you gentlemen?” Cole Mann asked.

“Nah, we we’re just admiring the man’s limo” the one said.

“YEA” the other said.

Back inside Barack Hussein decided to invite everyone over to his house for a House Party.

When they got there, they were having a good time, but they were not respectful.  They were eating all the food, drinking all the booze, and even putting out their cigarettes on the floor.

Barack Hussein saw this and was upset.

“Whose been putting out their Kool’s on my floor?” Barack Hussein asked almost yelling over the music

He repeated himself but no one heard him and the two guys that were in jail with him and in the bar with him came up to him

“This is a stone-cold groove man!” The one said


Cole Mann came up with a plate of his famous chicken as an appetizer.

“Shall I prepare more sir” Coleman asked.

“No, I’m shutting this down!” Barack Hussein said.

He found the music source and killed the power.

“Everybody out!” he said

As all the people left, Barack Hussein was looking at the great mess that was left and started to pick up.

“Why don’t you retire sir, you have a big day tomorrow” Cole Mann said.

“Sure, I’ll retire” Barack Hussein said.