Brandon’s Life Gets Worse

While Barack Hussein was out living it up, Jill went to go bail out Brandon at the local courthouse

“You won’t believe what they did to me in there!” Brandon exclaimed at the judge

“Brandon is it?” the judge ask “I don’t know what you’re speaking of, there is no evidence to suggest that there was mistreatment in the jail”

“Are you kidding me?” Brandon asked “It happened, I have the scars to prove it!”

“Brandon, control yourself.” The judge said. “I refuse to let you try and disgrace our judicial system!”

“But it happened!” Brandon said. “Just because you said it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!”

“Sir you’re out of line!” The judge said. “What your saying is a big lie!  Now I’ve set you bail at $20,000”

“My snookums Jill ahs that, right Jill?” Brandon said as she begrudgingly handed the money.

“I’m so embarrassed with you” Jill said

“Honestly ma’am, we all are” the judge said. “Brandon is a national tragedy. Anyone that buys into his lies about what happened to him in jail is un-democratic and an enemy of the judicial system”

“Let’s go Brandon before you embarrass me” Jill said as she and him left the courtroom.

“I’m telling you Jill, they mistreated me in there!” Brandon pleaded.

“Really Brandon?” Jill responded.  “You got jailed for voter fraud, and the Duke’s have had you terminated from their term for possible embezzlement”

“WHAT!?!” Brandon exclaimed “Terminated! How can that be?!”

Brandon continued to vent his frustrations as they walked out of the courthouse.  When he did, out of the blue, a woman came up to him and kissed him randomly.

“Brandon, I need my ice cream” she said and kissed him again.

“BRANDON!!!” Jill exclaimed

“I don’t know this woman!” Brandon said pleading to Jill

“How can you say that Brandy” she said and kissed him again.

“That’s it I’m out of here!” Jill said as she walked away.

“Thanks, thanks a lot!” Brandon said to the woman.

“What your friend said it would make you laugh” she said.

“What friend?” Brandon asked.

“He right up there?” she said and pointed to the balcony, but he was not there.

“Where did he go? He promised me $100” she said.

She decided that she had enough with this charade and decided to leave

“Wait” Brandon said. “Can I get a ride to my house?”

“Forget it, I’ve already been taken once today” she said and went to hail a taxi.

“Wait, I’ll give you $20 for the cab, the original $100 and another $50 when we get to my house” Brandon said pleading

“Really?” she asked. “If you’re hustling me..”

“Hustling you!?” Brandon interrupted. “You don’t think they give these to anyone do you?” he opened his wallet which was full of credit cards

“I can charge goods and services in over 86 countries including the Ukraine!” Brandon said as they rode to the house.

“Yea we’ll I don’t take credit cards” she said.

As they arrived at the house Brandon went to unlock the door, but his key was not working.

“Cole Mann, will you please unlock the door? I’m having trouble with my key” Brandon said while knocking.

Cole Mann answered the door but pretended like he did not recognize him

“Cole Mann, thank you would you please let me in?” Brandon said

“Who are you, What do you want?” Cole Mann said

“Cole Mann, just let me in I’m in no mood for jokes.” Brandon said

“Cole Mann? There’s no Cole Mann here.” Cole Mann said, “You’ve made a mistake”

He then shut the door on Brandon.

“Just a moment” Brandon said to the woman. And furiously knocked on the door.

“COLE MANN let me in!” Brandon yelled.

Cole Mann opened the door and threatened “Sir if you don’t go away, I shall call the police” and he shut the door again.

Brandon was at a loss and quickly said to the woman before she lost interest.

“Look how about another $100 if you take me to my bank?” Brandon said. “When we get there, I’ll give you $250”

She thought about it and decided to go ahead and go for it, because what did she have to lose at this point.

At the bank Brandon requested a withdraw slip

“I’d like to make a cash withdrawal of $1000” Brandon said.  “In fact, let’s make it $2000”

The teller looked at the account and responded

“Sir I need to get my manager”

The manager came to him and he didn’t look happy

“Sir, I’m sorry but the IRS has frozen your accounts” he said

“WHAT?!?” Brandon exclaimed.

“Yes, pending an investigation all of your accounts have been frozen and I’ve been ordered to repossess your credit cards.” He said as he took all of Brandon’s credit cards

“What am I supposed to live on?” Brandon asked as they ushered him out of the bank.

“Why is someone deliberately trying to ruin my life?” Brandon asked the woman.

“You know what, forget about the money, I’m just really tired I’m going home.” She said and started to walk away.

“Wait, you got to believe me!” Brandon pleaded. “I have over $48 million dollars in that bank!”

She looked at him with pity.  She decided to take a chance on him

“You know what, I don’t even know your name.” She said.

“It’s Brandon” Brandon said. “Like the nascar driver, whats yours?”

“Its Ophelia” she said, “Like the…”

“Shakespeare, I know!” Brandon said interrupting her.

“Ok, Let’s Go Brandon back to my place and I’ll see if I can help you back on your feet” Ophelia said.