On the way to Ophelia’s apartment, Brandon continued to complain about how someone was ruining his life.  In a weird stroke of luck, Brandon and Ophelia’s cab pulled up next to a limo with Barak Hussein in it, going to his first day of work.

“Hey Cole Mann, that looks just like the dude that I ran into and had me arrested for false pretenses!” Barack Hussein said as he was pointing out the window.

Cole Mann recognized Brandon and tried to downplay it

“There are a lot of people in Philadelphia, maybe it’s someone who just looks like him” Cole Mann said.

“No, he’s right there, it looks just like him!” Barack Hussein said as he was pointing.

At that moment Brandon was looking back and recognized the same guy, in his limo and wearing his Delaware tie.

“HEY!” Brandon yelled out the window as the cars parted “That’s my car! Cole Mann!  That’s my car!!!”

“That’s the guy that tried to rob the payroll and now he’s in my limo and wearing my Delaware tie, I mean really like he went to Delaware.” Brandon continued. “If he’s driving around in my car he could be in my house, and even violating my fiancée. I swear if he sniff’s her one time, I’ll  I…”

Ophelia took Brandon upstairs as he continued to rant

“And Cole Mann after all these years of service, this… this betrayal! I don’t understand it” Brandon continued. “There is going to be retribution, oh he is going to pay!”

Ophelia interrupted him by saying “Oh can it Brandon, taxis cost money, food costs money, rent costs money. If you want me to help, I expect a lot in return.”

“These were here when I moved in, you can wear use them if you want.” Ophelia said as she pointed to a closet full of some mens clothes.

“Look I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate this Ophelia” Brandon said.

“Look I’m young, I’m from a small miserable place you’ve probably never heard of.” Ophelia said. “The only thing I’ve got going for me is that I run an upscale call girl service.  I don’t do drugs; I don’t have a pimp.”

“This place is a dump, but its cheap, its clean and its all mine” she continued. “I’ve saved almost 100 grand and its in T-bills earning interest. I figure I’ve got a few more years of sleeping around and I’ll have enough to retire”

“You’re a harlot?” Brandon asked

“I’m talking about a business proposition Brandon!” Ophelia responded. “I’ll help you get back on y our feet and you pay me in cash, five figures.  That’s the deal and its not subject to negotiation.”

Brandon stood there and nodded.

“Oh, and by the way, food and rent are not the only things that cost money around here” Ophelia said. “So, don’t think you can sniff my hair for free!”