Bad News for Brandon

Brandon, trying to make sense of things trying to dip into his vast wealth was finding problems all over the place.  Everywhere he went, he was shunned.  He even tried to get a free ice cream cone on free ice cream cone day from discount ice cream cones and they told him no.

He then wondered over the Hairy Legs Club and found Jill sitting with his friends and Todd.  Todd went to school with Brandon and was always competing with him.

Jill saw Brandon approaching and said.

“I think I’m going to be sick”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle this sweetie” Todd said as he stood up.

“Todd, Harry, Andrew, Philip” Brandon said looking at all of them “I realize that this looks completely awful, but I wanted to assure you, my friends, that I am completely innocent.”

“I’m going to fight this; someone is out to get me, and I know who it is!” Brandon continued. “The most important thing is that I can rely on each of you, my friends as character witnesses.”

“I’m going to be defending myself, and I was wondering if any of you could see your way clear to perhaps advance me a small loan until the hearing?” Brandon asked.

They all scuffed but Todd said

“Frankly, Brandon, and I think I speak for all of us. I think it shows incredibly bad taste for you to embarrass us like this.

“I believe I am still a member of this club” Brandon replied.

“Nobody wants your fraudulent votes here, why don’t you just go away!” Jill replied.

Brandon did just that, but he was hoping to still raise some money and figured he would sell his favorite watch at a local pawn shop.

He presented it to the broker.  The man looked at it and set it down and said

“Burnt my fingers man!” the broker said.

“I beg your pardon?” Brandon asked.

“Man, that watch is so hot, it’s smokin!” the broker responded.

“Hot?!” Brandon asked. “Do you mean to imply stolen?”

“I’ll give you $50 for it.” the broker offered.

“$50!?!?!” Brandon exclaimed. “No, no, no. This is a Rochefoucauld, the thinnest water-resistant watch in the world. Singularly unique, sculptured in design, hand-crafted in Switzerland and water-resistant to three atmospheres. This is the sports watch of the ’80s. $6,955 retail.”

“You got a receipt?” the broker asked.

“Look, it tells time simultaneously in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome and Gstaad.” Brandon said.

“In Philadelphia it’s worth 50 bucks.” The broker said.

“Just give me the money.” Brandon said, but then saw something that caught his eye. “How much for the gun?”