As Clarence Beeks entered the train station, he carefully made sure that he was not being followed. He wasn’t too worried, after all no one really knew what he was up to.  Still, he could not rest on the train ride like he wanted to because, there was a new year’s party going on, and he couldn’t sleep and let this important report fall into the wrong hands.

He went to a private coach car and was soon joined by Brandon.  Although he did not know it was Brandon because he was wearing a very clever disguise. He also had a briefcase that was identical to Beeks’ briefcase.

“Merry New Year!” Brandon said.

“I think you mean Happy.” Beeks replied.

“Ha yea, I’m not so good with words!” Brandon replied.

Brandon sat down next to Beeks and carefully set his briefcase down behind Beeks.  He did this so he could grab Beeks briefcase at the next stop.

“Where are you heading?” Brandon asked to seem innocent.

“Philadelphia, how about you?” Beeks asked in return.

“Wilmington, yep I just love Wilmington” Brandon said.

The rest of the trip was passed in silence until the Wilmington station was called.

“Ok, welp this is my stop” Brandon said, “Let’s go Brandon and get that report!” Brandon didn’t realize what he just said until Beeks looked at him oddly.

“Who are you talking to?’ Beeks said “My name isn’t Brandon”

“Oh, I’m sorry” Brandon said.  “Sometimes I just ramble on incoherently.”

Brandon grabbed Beeks’ briefcase and left his in its place.  Little did Beeks know that in Brandon’s briefcase was approximately 200,000 ballots that would frame Beeks for fraud.

Once Brandon got off the train, he quickly called the Philadelphia police.

“Yea I want to report a criminal that will be exiting the train in Philadelphia” Brandon said on the phone. “The individual has a black briefcase full of illegal ballots.”

Sure, enough that is what happened, as Beeks got off the train, the police stopped him and demanded to see what was in his briefcase.

“I don’t think you know who I am” Beeks said to the police.  The police didn’t listen and proceeded to open his briefcase and found all the ballots that Brandon had reported.

“Sir you’re under arrest for trying to steal the election” the policeman said.