Fake News

Now that Brandon, Barack Hussein, Cole Mann, and Ophelia had the briefcase with the marshmallow report they had to decide how to best use this.

“I think it would be best if gave the Dukes a dimmer report” Brandon said. “That way they can continue to buy until the report comes out.”

“Won’t that help them?” Barack Hussein asked.

“It could, but what we will do is we will short sell at a high price and count on the panic, then buy” Brandon said. “It makes sense, just like the house I built with booth logs.”

Cole Mann shrugged and asked, “Won’t you be needed money for this?”

“We will, that’s where my counter part can help me” Brandon said.

“Right so we’ll first take all the money we have, and the money we get from the Dukes when we give them the fake report” Barack Hussein said.

“But I really don’t want to give you my savings!?” Ophelia said.

“Don’t worry, once this goes well, we can spread the wealth around!” Barack Hussein said.

An alarm went off and Barack Hussein looked at the clock.

“Do you think they’ll go for it?” Barack Hussein asked as he was getting ready.

“Oh, I bet they will” Brandon replied. “Now remember, stay in the shadows and don’t let them see you!”

Barack Hussein dressed in a trench coat and headed to the parking garage and hid behind a pillar in the shadows so that when the Dukes showed up, they would not be able to see him.

He heard people approaching and shined a flashlight in their face. It was Randolph and Mortimer.

“I’m right here. That’s far enough!” Barack Hussein said in his gruffest voice.

“Did you get the report?” Randolph asked.

“Let me see the money.” Barack Hussein said again in his gruffest voice.

Mortimer opened a briefcase full of money while Barack Hussein shined the flashlight on it.

“Ok toss it over” he said again gruffly.

When they did, he then slide the envelope their way which contained a falsified report.

He disappeared into the shadows while the Dukes read the report.

“Thank you Beeks!” Randolph said.

“Wonderful news, Wonderful!” Mortimer said

“Happy new year Beeks!” Randolph said as the Dukes left with the report.