The Dukes trader was right in the midst of the pit and the first opening buy at the bell call.  He was tenacious, buying everything thing he could. Someone noticed the Dukes looking over from their private balcony.

“Hey Hey, the Dukes are trying to corner the market” one trader said

“They must know something, lets get in on it” another said.

More and more traders were getting involved while the Dukes trader kept buying.

The price kept going up and up.

“Come one Brandon its time!” Barack Hussein said.

“Not yet, just a few more changes” Brandon replied.

The price hit 139 and the Dukes buyer was still buying

“Now” Brandon said and yelled “SELL 200 APRIL AT 142!!

The floor went crazy trying to buy from Brandon and Barack Hussein, even the Dukes buyer was trying to get in at that price.

Because of the change, the price stopped going up and started to go down.

“Randolph that’s not right” Mortimer said. “How can the price be going down? Somethings wrong where’s Ronald”

Mortimer saw Ronald their trader and he saw Brandon and Barack Hussein.

“What are they doing here?” Mortimer asked

“They’re selling Mortimer.” Randolph replied.

“Why that’s ridiculous” Mortimer said. “Unless that crop report…”

“Heaven help us!” Randolph said as they both ran down to try to get Ronald to start selling.

“I told you we shouldn’t have committed everything” Mortimer said

“We’ve got to get to Ronald and tell him to sell!” Randolph said as they both continued to the floor.

Just then the monitors came on and an announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Secretary of Agriculture” a voice said.

The Secretary came on the monitors.

“Good morning, the marshmallow estimates for the next year. After calculating the estimates from various marshmallow producing states, we have concluded the following. The cold winter has not affected the orange harvest…”

Immediately the traders knew what this meant, they had to sell like crazy to not go broke!

Brandon and Barack Hussein watched the price tumble while the traders went crazy trying to sell what they thought was a good investment. The price managed to fall way lower than the opening call, at which point Brandon and Barack Hussein started buying enough to cover their April sell.

No one was buying from the Dukes trader, and Randolph and Mortimer made it to the floor by this time and caught up to Ronald

“Ronald you idiot, get in there and sell at once, sell sell sell!”

Finally. The closing bell came.

Brandon and Barack Hussein looked at the closing price and then jumped for joy.  They just made millions of dollars with the money they had from Ophelia, Cole Mann and the small loan from the Dukes that was meant to go to Beeks. They looked over and saw the Dukes.

“Happy New Year!!!” Brandon yelled

“Brandon?! Obama!?” Mortimer exclaimed.

“Hey how’d you make out today?” Barack Hussein asked.

“How could you do this to us?” Randolph asked. “After all we’ve done for you?”

“Oh, you see Brandon and I made a bet.” Barack Hussein said. “He bet we couldn’t get rich and put you in the poor house at the same time. He didn’t think we could do it. I won!”

“I lost” Brandon said… “Here you go Barack… One dollar!”

The Dukes looked on befuddled while the trading manager came up to them.

“Margin call gentlemen” he said

“Why you can’t expect…” Mortimer said.

“You know the rules, all accounts to be settled at the end of the days trading, without exception!” the trading manager said

“You know perfectly well we don’t have 26 billion dollars in cash!”

“I’m sorry boys” The trading manager said. “Put the Duke brothers’ seats on the exchange up for sale at once, seize all assets of Duke & Duke Commodity Brokers, as well as all the personal holdings of Randolph and Mortimer Duke.”

“We’re ruined!” Randolph said.

“You and your Nobel prize” Mortimer said to him yelling.