Trading Places

“And that’s the story of the marshmallow futures and how Brandon won even though he didn’t win legally.” Albert said.

“I should say that kind of thing would be highly illegal!” Charles said.

“Well, this was done a while ago” Albert did say.

“So, what happened to Brandon and Barack Hussein?” Charles asked.

“Well, Barack Hussein ended up retiring to Martha’s Vineyard.” Albert said. “Brandon, took up a career in NASCAR”

“Is he any good?” Charles asked.

“Well, he has won a few races.” Albert said. “The fans love him, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ they cheer.  And every race he wins, he enjoys an ice cream cone!”

“Cool” Charles said. “Should I ask if his wins are legit? Since he and Barack seemed to have some questionable wins.”

“Oh, the media says they’re legit so that’s good enough for me” Albert said. “So how did you like my story otherwise?”

“Well, it was nice that we kind of swapped roles.” Charles said. “Normally I’m the storyteller”

“I know, Trading Places, right?!” Albert said.

“Yea, so I guess we’ll see you next year right?” Charles said.

“Maybe, make sure you get the butt booster for the next five variants!” Albert said. “Because if you don’t get it, my medicine won’t work!”

“Yea I know” Charles replied. “Merry Christmas and Let’s go Brandon!”

“Let’s Go Brandon!” Albert said.