About Me/This Page

Once upon a time, I had a profile page that listed every minuet detail of my life. Having reviewed it, I am kind of like “wow, what was I thinking!” Perhaps I’ll share it here another day.

So to change it up a bit here is the new version.

About Myself

I am an IT Professional/Geek with a web site and domain name. I have a wonderful wife, two great kids, one cat, and great parents and siblings. When I am not working in the IT world, I like to pretend I am a competition bbq’er with my smoker. I don’t do it often enough but I do enjoy to canoe and kayak the lesser traveled waterways. Once upon a time I was a mobile DJ, but I have given the majority of that up (still have a tendency to follow music more than I should). I have been saved by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (Want to know more?).

About this Page

This page is basically 20+ years old in the concept. I started this using a hosted account with my old ISP armed with nothing more than a little html knowledge and Netscape Navigator. Over the years I tried many different methods of editing the page, and changing the look. Now, I am now using WordPress and I have to say, I really love WordPress.

One of the biggest things that has made me exceeding happy is I was finally able to purchase the Travway.com domain after 15 years of coveting it! Try it, both it and Travway.net roll here.