The Simpson’s Movie

I had the opportunity to take in the new Simpson’s Movie at the theater in Ames. I did have some reservations about going, the first being I am not one to spend seven dollars plus on a movie that is in a large room on a bigger screen. To me it just isn’t that important to see something on the big screen when I can wait and watch it in the comfort of my own home cheaper with out (reason 2) overpriced popcorn that is no better than what you can make at home or without overpriced pop (yes I said pop, not soda, coke).

Despite my two reasons I felt that this movie was worth spending the time and money on because, it had been at least two years since I had been to a theater. Even as I write this I am unsure what was the last movie I saw on the “big screen”. I am wondering if it might of been a freebie that I was receiving, perhaps it was one of the Lord of the Rings that I was forced to watch, it might of even been Shrek 2. Regardless I had not been to one in a while.

So we went, as I paid for four tickets (Tress, Heath, Kimberly, and myself) I was surprised to see that they were $6.75. I guess my first reason is moot at this point. After purchasing the tickets we went to a restaurant of a Asian nature.

Normally this restaurant is really good but this day, it was a struggle to say that anything but the ice cream was good. Maybe it was because I was sorta sick. At any rate, I bring this up because while we were eating, I could not help once again but wish a certain friend of mine was there to “translate” what was being said. He was probably busy working at his job where he is the CEO of something.

None of that really matters, but when we finally got back to the theater complex we had some time to spare so I spent a few bucks in the arcade. While this goes against my overpaying for things policy, I challenged Heath to an air hockey game final score 7-5, challenged Tress to a race final place 5th and 10th (respectively), and attempted my skill at the claw final score Travis -$.50 Claw +$.50. I was actually quite pleased with this mini arcade, simply because it had a decent air hockey table. Nothing makes me more irritated than spending $.75-$1.00 on air hockey only to have the puck not move because it has been abused.

Once we entered the actual room where the movie was to take place I was surprised to see that there was not many people in it, which kind of made me happy thinking less screaming kids and less stupid people who leave their cell phones on (maybe that qualifies as reason 3 and 4).

The first thing we noticed was that there was no sound for the screeners (not previews). Heath and Kimberly said the last time they were at this theater, about five minutes of the movie played without sound and once that was fixed, the focus of the movie was all messed up. Sound finally came though at great shock because we were not expecting it when it came. I believe it was quiet and all of a sudden, as if God had spoken himself we hear “PLEASE FOR THE CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS AT&T ASKS YOU TO TURN OF YOUR CELL PHONE AND PAGER”

The second thing we noticed in addition to the normal dirty floors and left over garbage that the Emo kids who worked at the theater did not want to clean up was that the room was poorly air conditioned. I really don’t think that it ever got better, but perhaps by the time the previews were starting with sound I stopped caring.

The previews, were well lousy. In fact I felt like hitting someone over them. I could not believe that the movies they previewed. Ahh, enough said about this.

You know all of this up until this point has been like a building up sequence to this great movie. Well the movie was great and I won’t disclose details. However I was wondering how far they would push the envelope in this movie. One scene for sure they could not of shown on TV the other I am unsure. It was defiantly worth the time and money, and I think I could of even paid $7.50 for if I had to. Thankfully I did not.

My recommendation is go see it if your a hardcore Simpson’s fan as myself, its worth it.

Let’s Play nice now

So Tress and I the other day decided to sit down and watch a movie together. I was open to the idea as we have not had a chance to do that for a while now. So of course we went through the “what do you want to watch”, “I don’t know” routine when we ran across my NetFlix movies. We decided to watch the Rocketeer.

The premise of the movie is that a down on his luck pilot gets a chance to be a hero with a super secret item that the Nazi’s are after. Anyway that is not what I really am posting this for, but rather the symbolism that was allowed then (1991) verses now.

There are a number of pro-American scenes where the dialog is truly patriotic or the imagery reflects a patriotic stance. For instance, in one of the last scenes the “Rocketter” is on top of an observatory ready to go after the fleeing Nazi’s. The shot is so well put in front of an American Flag as if to signify, “GO USA!!!”

I also noticed that the Nazi’s were portrayed in the movie close to how they probably were. I could not help but think if anyone would try to be so bold to portray a group that was truly evil today, liberals would demand that the movie be censored and edified as to not offend those partial to those groups.

Along with the other fact that Hollywood today would not dare promote a movie that would be pro-America as it might offend other nations that are not as blessed as we are.

Catching Up

So it has been a while since I have posted something. Not much has changed. I have been inundated with stuff to do and it seems that the stack of stuff to do has finally stopped growing.

Got my Microsoft Action Pack the other day. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to play with Microsoft products get their products this way. Sure you pay for them but you get tons of extras.

Gas prices are high, actually scratch that their outrages. However there was a comparison that based on today’s dollar, gas is still cheaper per gallon than it was in 1980. Can we get a PAC or 52 Senators that want to say “let the Arabs choke on their oil”. I was hoping for that out of Bush but that is not going to happen. Yea I voted for him but not for those reasons. So for those reading this and saying, “see I told you Bush was all about the oil” go find another hobby.

Today is St. Patrick’s day, big deal I’m not Irish, and I don’t drink. And furthermore I don’t buy into the whole leprechaun thing either.

I finally saw the Spongebob movie. I enjoyed it however I was watching it and thinking that there is some borderline material stuff in this. There was discussion that Spongebob promotes homosexuality. I don’t believe that at all. I can see where that argument could be made but it is not something that could be supported. Come on its a kid show for crying out loud.

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the water in Iowa lakes and rivers is getting more appealing to go paddling on. Along with that I am dying to try out my new grill Tress got me.

Something else that gets under my skin is this whole Michael Jackson thing. For too long we have dealt with his obsession with young boys. I say give him a parish and let the Catholics deal with it (I mean that as a joke btw). The guy obviously has some problems and has had some issues since he got his first nose job. He does not even look like he used to anymore. And his voice is another key that not all the lights are on in the stadium.

Ok I’ll stop, I figure I have made enough people upset, Happy Thursday! (St. Paddy’s if your Irish)

Random Rants

So I was in the midst of getting a template for version 10 (my website will turn ten this month, and will officially be 10 in a year) and I was thinking, man it sure would be nice to have the as well. So I did the foot work and some teacher/professor in Louisiana owns it. Granted this is the same person that owned it about six months ago, he has ignored my offer to buy the domain. Put that on my CHRISTmas gift list.

I listened to Sean Hannity a bit today on my way to work, I had to change the station. I like Sean but I just don’t care anymore about the sniveling Dem’s who are trying to take away legitimacy, what else is new anyway?

I still have not seen the Spongebob movie. I have been told by some friends that it is not worth seeing until it is a dollar or even a rental. Of course the one guy that kept me from seeing it opening night had to rub salt in the wound by saying that he took his son to see it.

I know a lot of my postings here are just short tid bits of opinion or what is eating at me, I guess I don’t feel like doing the long drawn out process of a full article. I am not in college any more.

Shrek 2


It’s hard to top a good thing, and Shrek2 did not exceed its prior, but did match. I caught the movie on Memorial day and enjoyed it for the most part.

Tress must of liked it too, since i heard her laugh over others. I really l like Puss in Boots, that was probably the best part of the movie, you might also notice on Gary’s Page he has acknowledged his favorite actors and Puss is one of them.

The puns were pretty good, Mission Impossible 2, the OJ Simpson chase, Burger King (twice), Starbucks, The Matrix (Again), Spider-Man, and Rawhide. Others included showing Sir Justin (Timberlake) as Fionna’s dream date, Larry King as the ugly stepsister, and Joan Rivers annoucing who is who at the ball.

I enjoyed it but still I don’t think it tops the first one.

The Passion of Jesus Christ

Thanks to Dane for pointing out that Mel Brooks is Jewish

Ok, I know that a lot of people will take this the wrong way but, I am merely sharing my opinion with you.

I do think that Mel Gibson is a good man, and I do believe that he truly believes in the purpose of this movie. Based on the fact that he has underwent much scrutiny of his own, and poured his own money into the project.

Mel Gibson is a devout Catholic, and is very proud of what he is, as we can see in many of his previous movies. The movie itself is (from what I have read) based from the Bible. However it is from a Catholic perspective in which they glorify Christ, portrays his death, but fails to portray his resurrection and ascension into Heaven.

This is why I will not see this movie, as my Pastor pointed out that the reason we are saved is because Jesus conquered sin by his resurrection. I do not think that the movie is bad, and I don’t think it is inaccurate, I believe it is an unfinished product.

If that is not a good enough reason to watch it, how about the reason that I will be funding a industry that uses other movies to pollute minds with Liberal agendas, and other non Biblical values that have been conjured up in mans mind as acceptable.

Well, I say again, I don’t think Mel is a bad person for doing this, however my upbringing says it is unfinished.