Insult to injury?

And now all of a sudden, the Bengals decide to play to win. This basically makes my previous wish of saying “I was at the only game they won in 2008” moot, but what probably irritates me more is they probably lost their solid number two pick in the draft. Not that it is a huge issue right now because the draft does not look too exciting as of right now. Honestly, if they win out at this point I think it will be worse than losing out simply because the question will be asked as to why they got it together in the last four weeks, which never ends well in Cincy…

Just a few more weeks and I will be able to have that frozen item that I gave up for a year, I am now looking forward to it!

The Downhill Stretch

I am getting somewhat excited! At the time of this writing I have exactly three weeks to go to fulfill my dare/commitment to not have ice cream for one year. Oddly enough, I don’t really want any. Strange how that works.

In other news:
The Bengals are 1-11-1. I don’t want to see this anytime soon but thought it was funny none the less. I am still pleased that we are on track to say “We were at the only game they won in 2008!”

Dryer died on us, so a new motor, belt, and some other parts will essentially be our Christmas present. Oh well at least it lasted this long, and survived two sewage floods…

Facebook, I finally caved and gave into the masses that wanted me to use some social networking site. Granted there are some nice things about it, like the fact that it uses RSS feeds to pull this blog and my picasa photos into my wall or profile or whatever it is over there. And yet I still cannot figure out how to Feed picasa into my page!

Starting to work on the Christmas letter to all, be watching for it!

We get what we deserve

So Barack Hussein Obama becomes America’s first black president. Well good for him, but when the country is in an economic slump, gas goes to five dollars plus a gallon, electricity cost rise to unforeseen levels, taxes are at their highest for everyone, and the world views us as weak because we cut bait and run, all I can say to you is you get what you asked for…

And so begins the socialization of America, with the most radical liberal that has ever been as our new president.

Not that I think McCain would have been much better, I just can’t believe their are that many bumper sticker believers out there…

Where Have I been?

Well seeing as it has been about half a year since I have posted, I figured I probably should. I have lots to mention but I’ll go with the one liners that I like so much.

First Recent News:

Sarah Palin: At first I thought this was a stupid choice, but now I realize it was a wise choice for McCain to have any chance of beating Barack “Apollo” HUSSIEN Obama.

Chad Ocho Cinco: Well the Bengals lost their opener and Chad did not re-injure himself, so that’s good. Hopefully the early loss will not drag them down like a later loss usually does in late September.

Hadron Collider  I know there is a great deal of people in fear about this device, I think tomorrow when nothing happens I’ll post the reasons why the Earth won’t be destroyed this way. That is if I get around to it.

Now Long Term Goals:

Web Page Re-design: Yea let’s go ahead and just scrap this one as I have not made much progress in the last four years

Debt Free plan: Some how this was going well and we’re still in debt. But aren’t we all in debt? Realistically if we would not have bought our house the plan would have worked.

Decrease BMI: If BMI stood for anything else besides Body Mass Index, I would have to say I have decreased. Otherwise I am sure I am stagnant.

Goals for 2008:

No Ice Cream: So far so good, although I keep having dreams that I am eating it and I am disappointed that I have blown my goal

No Buffet  Oddly enough, this one has not been that big of a deal. Sure it’s annoying but I am not dying from not going to one.

Cut back on soda: Doing well, however my intake of pop has increased…

Cut back on gaming time: I would have to say this has been cut back, not tremendously but I do play less than I used to.

By circumstance I am also giving up doughnuts for a year, have not had one thus far and will continue on that trend. That does not include cinnamon rolls…

CJ is becoming TO

So it seems like forever since I have posted anything. Oddly enough there were two post that have gone MIA, one of which was Chloe’s announcement of arrival. I’ll fix that later.

What I really wanted to bring attention to a little blog called “Send your Jersey back to Chad” ( I really think that this is a great idea for the fans to speak their minds about the whole situation. I would have to say I have mixed feelings on it but I am with Marvin on this one, walk your talk Chad or shut up and play.