Random Rants

It’s been a while and I mentioned previously I am not doing anywhere close to what I had hoped to achieve, going full WordPress and all.  Well, I can at least get one post a month in and feel good right?

  • I really would like to know what I said or did that basically cost me two friendships.  I mean I think I know but if that is the reason, then I guess maybe it is best we are not friends.  Whatever, no bad blood, no hard feelings, just hope things are doing well and the bridge is there and the door is open.
  • A while back I posted about a trip to  Colorado, Chicago, Seattle, or Kansas City for our upcoming tenth anniversary.  All of that is probably going to turn into a babysitter and a nice dinner in Des Moines because I am a cheap and stingy hack job.
  • Along with those lines, it is very possible I will forgo the Bengals game in Chicago.  Apparently Chicago is the third most expensive stadium to see an NFL game.  Who knew?  It’s not like they have a team or anything (oh too soon?).  Actually it has something to do with Soldier field having the lowest capacity of all NFL stadiums and the economy in Chicago that sets the price where it is.  At least I won’t need to worry about being shot because guns are illegal there right?  (that one was to soon).
  • I tried to do some yard work today, it was a lost cause.  I did re fix the van’s window, not because I felt like it but because I had to as the window popped out of the slots and feel into the door.  Thankfully it did not shatter.
  • I’ll touch on the Bengals draft in a separate post.
  • I was lucky and saw Dave Ramsey in Des Moines this past week.  I think I will make that a separate post as well  (hopefully soon before I forget).
  • My cousin Rachel started a blog, I will plug it on this site even though no one reads this.  Here is the link: http://raybaby25.blogspot.com/
  • I wasn’t there but my protege DJ’d prom at my alma mater and his current school.  From what I gathered it went well despite some equipment problems that he resolved with a little bit of phone help (me 🙂 ).  I really wanted to make a quick appearance for old time sake, however I was Daddy Day Caring and it just wasn’t possible.
  • Even though I did make a quick stop to see my other former partner DJ’s Max and Zax the previous week, I really had not plans to do that initially.  Just luck of the draw.


Random Rants/Update

Well shoot, my plan to revitalize the webpage has utterly failed.  I think I was deluding myself into thinking that I could do this and ditch Facebook and use Twitter exclusively for quick thoughts.  The Twitter part has worked out, and Facebook can be ditched, the posting recent and relevant posts to the webpage (blog) has not worked.  That having been said, I am reverting to my old ways and doing a Random Rants post.

  • Signed up for some training at work, without going into to many details I feel like I am at the end of a witch hunt.  Really is dumb given the details (which I am not going to share at this time).
  • Recently obtained my conceal and carry permit.  Don’t have anything to conceal or carry at this point, but just got because I could.  And it is my patriotic duty.
  • I just noticed that it is March already, this year is flying by
  • Sam is getting closer to being potty trained, sure he is young but start early.  Still a ways to go but progress is being made.
  • I have been meaning to post my random conversation with someone formally from Iowa who apparently was lonely.  The problem has been I switched phones at about that time and since I have been using the new phone exclusively, I keep forgetting to do it.  Funny stuff so stay tuned.
  • We got Chloe’s report card.  I don’t understand why they cannot use simple grading like I grew up with.  So instead of the A-F system which makes perfect sense in every situation, we have this weird tiered system that is less inclined to “offend” a child.  So  I have no idea if she is doing well, average, or behind.
  • I figured out something I am going to miss with DJ’n.  I won’t be able to play Thrift Shop at an obnoxious level.

Random Rants

Plenty on my mind, not enough for a decent article.  Scratch that, I have enough but the timing is not right (trust me on this one 🙂 )

  • We are supposed to have some kind of snow storm this week.  The Midwest was actually mentioned in the predictions, which is kind of odd.  What I mean by that is that there could be 3 feet of snow dump in Nebraska, the Dakotas, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota and it does not make the news feeds.  Five inches in New York City = News Frenzy!
  • Our sewer was relined today.  Made for an interesting day as we were (are at the time of writing) not supposed to dump fluids down the drain, flush the toilet, take showers, etc.  I am not so sure that ours needed it but we did not have a say in the matter.
  • Sam made his first deposit in the toilet today.  At 17 months we feel we can have him completely potty trained by his second birthday if not before then.
  • Taxes are done, but not filed.  I am not sure what I am waiting for, but I always do this.  It makes no sense seeing as we will get a refund.  Maybe next year when I will probably have to pay in for the first time in a long time it will make more sense to wait.
  • It just dawned on me, earlier this evening.  I have not had Buzzard Billy’s in almost four years!  I am due, especially since they are back in Des Moines.  Granted it is not in the original location, I am sure it is just as awesome as it was.
  • I have a new phone on the way, or rather a new to me phone.  I purchased a re-certified phone from an eBay auction.  Why?  Simple.  I am on a grandfathered Verizon unlimited plan, and my current phone is tanking after a few falls.  Not getting anything special, but will get 4G unlimited until Verizon decides to un-Grandfather our plan, at which point we will be shopping around.
  • I am anxious to see when the Packers will be in Cincinnati, as we had already decided that is our game to go see in Cincy this year.  The backup game for me this year is in Chicago, which may happen as well.
  • I am really disappointed in myself with this blog.  I was hoping to stay dedicated and post often.  However as I mentioned in a previous post, it is just harder than I thought to upload quality posts everyday without getting too emotional.  Besides, I am not a journalist.

Random Rants

Well its Random Rant Monday, lets see what I am ranting about.

  • Obama was inaugurated for his second term today.  I sorta get it but what is the point of re-inaugurating someone who is still in office.  Seems like an awful waste of money for the government to be spending on… oh wait never mind now it makes sense.
  • I will acknowledge that I  watched the two football games yesterday, that is all.  A post with all my thoughts will be coming this week sometime.
  • I really hate it when you spend a lot of time working on something, it looks like it is going well and you are close to finishing… and BOOM you have to start all over.
  • Signed up for a conceal and carry class.  Pretty cheap @ $20 per seat.  Let me know if you are interested.
  • It looks like I might need a new phone, in a rock and a hard place because I am still on a grandfathered Verizon unlimited plan.  What to do?
  • My protege ran his first official gig with my old equipment.  Sounds like he hit a few minor snags, but everything went well.  Good thing he was trained by the best!
  • Speaking of DJ’n, there is definitively a part of me that misses it, but a greater part of me does not miss it.  I think that will be amplified in about five months 😉


Random Ranting

I might have to created a new “Manic Monday” category and put this under that moniker.  So here is what is ranting around in my mind.

  • The US is probably going to have stricter gun laws after tomorrow.  Complete stupidity at its best.  The Obama administration (and its followers) doesn’t believe the average citizen needs rifles that could be classified as assault rifles.  Yet they have no problem arming Syrian, Libyan, and Egyptian rebels… interesting.
  • The whole assault rifle thing is stupid too.  “Assault” is an action not a description.  You can “assault” someone without a gun or with a handgun.
  • Still someone tell me how punishing those that follow the law will help the situation?
  • Enough on guns, what about the fix that is in for the Ravens.  It was pretty clear that the referee’s want a “Harbaugh” Super Bowl.
  • I have been thinking about changing from a daily post to a weekly or a twice a week posting.  It is kind of hard to come up with enough material to write a post about each day.  Usually I can only muster 140 characters…
  • Had an interesting dream last night about a place I applied for once upon a time.  The funny thing is, it was sorta like I didn’t get into it because I forgot to do my homework.  (kinda)
  • Sam, went on the potty with the aid of a chair.  Soon I am hoping we can get him to #2 on the potty and then really focus on getting him to tell us when he needs to go. He is only 15 months old (yesterday) but I really think that we can get him completely trained by his 2nd birthday.  That would be a huge win for us!
  • It is annoying to have Facebook friends who continually go off and on Facebook.  I have about five of them, and only one of them probably has a legit reason to do this.  The other four, its annoying and will probably get you un-friended.
  • Along those lines, I kinda keep track of who un-friends me, I lost two because of my anti Raven tweeting.  I think I am better off with out them…
  • Also along those lines Facebook is stupid
  • Spoiler alert, next two posts will be blasts from the past.


Random Rants

I absolutely love WordPress!  I have wrote a bit ahead and used the publishing schedule extensively   This post, I wrote three days ago!

I am working on a post about the whole fiscal cliff and the Obama Presidency   I must be honest, I have been working on it for well over a month now and I cannot finish it without getting very furious and losing my train of thought. #notagoodthing

Whoa, did I just use a Twitter hash tag there?  Yes I did #true #diditagain

Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me @blubaughtravis, or cheat and read the posts here.   I honestly wish I would have signed up for Twitter when it went live to the public in July of 2006.  If I would have I would not have signed up for Facebook in 2008 (after resisting as long as I could).  By the way, don’t friend me on Facebook unless you are family or truly that.

While on the topic of social networks, I do believe that Twitter and LinkedIn are on my “stay” list.  I am trying to ween myself off of Facebook and am waiting for a merge feature to merge it with Tress’s account and let her do the Facebook thing.

My first check for the year of 2013 will be roughly $325 more each pay period (each two weeks).  What did I do?  Something you should do as well.  I changed my w-4 status to Married and added allowances.  Why should I let the fed take my money and waste it on  an interest free loan.  With that I also downgraded from the high medical plan to the lower medical plan (a savings of about $70 each pay period.

That be all for now, more to come in the future!

Mile Long/Many Rants

I really hate this but there is much on my mind that I have to unload otherwise I will explode.

Two Soldiers, unanswered:
I think I will start with my disgust for response or rather lack thereof regarding the two soldiers (Pfc. Kristian Menchaca and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker) who were brutally tortured and killed by cowardly men who dodge behind a false religion. This is an outrage, why are we not addressing this for what it is? Why hasn’t President Bush delivered a harsh message to the cowards who did this ruthless vile act? These were American soldiers; no one does this to us, at least no one that abides by the Geneva Convention.

And another thing, why are we calling these scum of the earth insurgents? These people are terrorists! They do not abide by rules, they attack in a cowardly fashion and they are not for peace, they are for killing Americans (citizens, solders, democrats, liberals republicans, conservatives, and everyone in between), as well as the peaceful people of Iraq. They are not insurgents, they are Terrorist, and their only goal is to use terror as a weapon.

Cut and Run:
What kind of a message is going to be sent to the coward terrorists if the pacifist democrats get their plan of cut and run approved? It is going to show that the terror worked, and that they won. And that is going to cause more terrorist attacks for America as well as its allies. Who care what the world thinks, we need to put our sovereignty and security ahead of France, Germany, or any other nation that would like to hide behind the UN.

North Korea:
Not that they have done it yet, but North Korea needs to be on a very small cage next to Iran. It has everyone worried now, North Korea will launch the US will respond in some fashion and then the liberals will scream that were being un-proportional to their initial threat. It must be nice to say one thing while in office, and then say something else when your seat in the senate is up for election.

Military Justice:
Why are seven of our marines and one navy sailor? Being tortured and imprisoned for following orders and defending this country. I am so mad over this I am not going to go into it, these men are heroes and they are treated worse than we are treating our own enemy  Why aren’t the liberals saying we should try to understand these men, no they can’t do that because that would then differ from their true colors. Their true colors being that America is the enemy and that we are responsible for all the conflicts in the world. This is why liberalism is a disease.

Newbury Management:
I have never in my life experienced poor customer service in the way I have with this company. They seem to forget who their customers are, overcharge for services they provide, and are short and harsh when an item is brought to their attention. I am not sure what their malfunction is, but it is costing them customers, including this one.

Tom Vilsack:
Promises big funding, then does not deliver, that is the Democrats way. Talk big about education and values fund, and then cut the budget to both all the while raising taxes to expand liberalism. I still get a kick out of the idiots who were all for John Kerry and could not stand Tom Vilsack, they are ideological twins! It will be interesting to see how these same idiots act when Vilsack wins the DNC nomination for president in 08.

Enough is enough, I am done…

Catch Up Rants: From the Random Rants Dept.

Well we are finally moved! It was kind of a long process and being sick did not help the process. Thankfully Tress did what she did other wise we would be completely confused where things were. Gary took the move the worst, the poor kitty was locked in the bathroom at the old place while the movers were there and he had a shocked look on his face when he came out of the bathroom to find that everything was gone! Even worse for him was the ride over and the shock of the new place. He is doing better now.

I meant to post this rant earlier, but it kills me that people have their Christmas decorations up already. Boone had their city decorations up two weeks ago! I am all about celebrating the miracle of Christ but when you’re putting your decorations up before Thanksgiving, you’re missing the true meaning of Christmas.

Tornadoes in Iowa in November, well it happened. Tress and I were shocked when it started hailing at our new place, only for us to find out later that yea we were in a tornado warning. Obviously we need to get the weather radio ready.

The Steelers are neck and neck with the Bengals. I would feel better if the Steelers did not have such a cupcake schedule, the two biggest teams they will have to deal with are the Bengals and the Colts, which is the same boat the Bengals are in. Well if they come out this season at least 9-7 I will be ecstatic!

Who would have thought? ;From the Random Rants Dept

Who would have thought that Mr. Sulu was a homo? I will still watch Star Trek but extremely disappointed.

Anyone been watching this Iran situation? They are having rallies in Tehran to “wipe Israel” off the map. Added to that they are having rallies against the US and Israel calling them the “twin satans.” Why are we even giving these wacko’s air time, so that people like Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Al Franken, and the likes can say “see were not being nice enough.” These rallies just prove that you cannot reason with extremist no matter how hard the liberals want you to believe that.

Course we have Jimmy Carter to thank for that entire mess in Iran…

So the Bengals lost to Pittsburgh as I predicted. They need to get there rushing defense as good as their passing defense, then they will be set. Until then teams that run the ball extremely well (Steelers, Jaguars, Colts, Bills), they can count on losing more games. At any rate if they make it to 9-7, and beat the Chiefs, I will be happy.