Taxes (Old Soapbox)

Editors Note: This was a post I did sometime when I was in high school (circa 1997).  I found this while digging through some old files.  It is interesting to note that some of my believes then mirror current ones.  Naturally I can expound on this now and give better reasons on why taxes are being wasted.  If I remember correctly, I wrote this after I got hosed by the Iowa Revenue Department and the IRS (had to pay in even though I made less than the taxable amount (or something like that)).   I have made this post more family friendly, corrected some grammatical, and all spelling errors and left the rest alone.

Taxes you say, we all have to pay them, even government officials whose salaries are based on taxes. Kind of retarded isn’t it? Why do we have taxes so screwed up? Why do students have to pay taxes? What is the point of taxes, seeing as the government wastes them on weapons for a war that will not be fought or for feeding countries that are third world. Why do we fund this stuff?

Because we have no choice. Do you even know how may people work at the IRS? I was told that they have a total of one hundred and fifty employees, the rest is electronic. I am trying to understand this, what do they do all the rest of year is there that many audits to keep them busy?

Did you know if you owe the IRS $1.01, and you do not pay it, you go to a federal prison. But they were nice and let the cut off be one dollar. Why not ten, what is one dollar to a government who can spend a million times that in a second. Sure the US tax laws are not quite as harsh as some countries, but harsher than others.

Yes I realize that taxes pay for city lights, roads, schools, and such. But if taxes fund schools, then why don’t they be free too? My parents alone had to pay a total of two hundred dollars for registration. What is this for? Aren’t theses supposed to be public school?

In fact, the who Pell grant idea is good, but they should not have the process to get it, it should be any student going into college, should get help from the government seeing as it will help the economy if we go to college. Why is this so? I think that it also sucks that if you sell something you have to pay taxes on that.

If I am ever in the IRS, I promise I will change things, I am sick of this tax crap and want to smack some auditor in his or her face. In fact why am I talking about all of this, I just did my taxes and was displeased with the results. My dad might get audited cause he forgot to check one box. What is the point of auditing, more money for the Gov. They come by see that you are broke and decide you owe them a couple of bucks, oh yeah with a ten percent penalty charge, plus a charge for there trip.

Real nice huh, so next time when you pay taxes on a car, or for tax time like now, don’t ask what do I pay taxes for, ask what the hell has the IRS done for you lately.

Yours Truly

America Online (Old Soapbox)

Editors Note: This was a post I did sometime when I was in high school (circa 1997).  I found this while digging through some old files.  I have made this post more family friendly, corrected some grammatical, and all spelling errors and left the rest alone.

Steve Case must of been out of his mind when he designed America Online, “the number one way to get online.” If he for one second intended to make it easy for any one to get on, and if you believe that crap, then you are a crazy fool.
You see I do not see how any one can go around the ‘by the hour’ pricing which is really by the minute, with out noticing a hefty bill. I made a mistake once and had AOL  And this is what happened. We started out and with AOL because we were, learning.

We was stuck on a slow service, in Marshalltown because we did not want to pay long distance, plus hourly fee. That was pretty sad. Plus it was only a 2400 baud. Which is a joke. Then AOL did the switch to 20 a month unlimited. That was a joke. Then we paid for two month period. The next month they demanded that we pay the year charges and took it out of our checking account. That just about did it. We got on the horn and demanded that we got our money back. Plus at the same time they put a fee on our local access. So we had a load to tell them about and we did. AOL paid us two thirds of our money back, and we went and got a better internet service provider (whom we are still with). We still had service for AOL  but we got on thru our isp we had, for free, and it was about fifty times faster. I sent a letter to Steve Case, telling him what a lousy service he had and how much of a [expletive] [expletive] fat [expletive] that he was. Finally after a week of that, they wrote me back gave me the rest of the money back and cut my service. I was happy now.

Now having that said, I want to talk about people on AOL  They are retards. They do not know anything at all. Sure AOL had a few things going, such as getting on anywhere in the country (provided they had local access there), and a huge file data base in which you could find just about anything you wanted, but there chat rooms sucked. Because everyone lied and if you are going to go online to just to chat to someone for whom you have never met, then I would give you a quarter for a clue. You would have to be a real pansy ass to go on just to lie about your self and suck up other lies you are feed.

Ok enough on the people. Now every one gets those stupid AOL disks in the mail that says try AOL  for fifty free hours. (What, I thought that it was unlimited now.) Plus they give you a code and password that is one letter too many (at least everyone I got was, really don’t know cause after the first five came I just burnt the last fifty cds I received ) What is the point of this? Personally I love to kick Steve Case right in his big fat face. And further more, what about there web browser? It sucks. It makes good pages look bad, and bad pages look worse. It is not real good, this is why they merged with the other [expletive] monopoly Microsoft, which I will right about in another thingy. As for Steve Case and AOL, you can take your service and shove it far up your fat  [expletive]  [expletive], because I do not want it and I do not think that half of your people want it, it is that you have them brainwashed and they can not break free. I did and I am happy for this. I only pray for you brother.

Yours Truly

Lotto (Old Soapbox)

Editors Note: This was a post I did sometime when I was in high school (circa 1997).  I found this while digging through some old files.  My feeling have not changed a whole lot, as I have played occasionally. I would argue my feelings are a bit more developed on why it is a tax for people bad at math.  I have made this post more family friendly, corrected some grammatical, and all spelling errors and left the rest alone.

The Iowa Powerball, the Iowa Lottery, all the stupid games that stupid people play.  Yes that is right, dumb. The lottery is just a tax for people who are bad at math, or for the laymen, retards.

I look at this two ways. One, your luck at winning anything spectacular in the lotto is just about equal to the odds of you say, right now, that you get up from what you are doing, and drive your car into a tree for no reason. Why this, because if you are reading this you have no desire to run off, and even if you did, you would try to avoid a tree at all costs, unless of course your are retarded, as stated above.

Just what good does the lottery do? Sure it provides for the state, and it pays for the lucky winners who just so happen to live in Michigan or some other [expletive] state that is rich. What else does the lottery do, it pays for advertising costs mostly. It also might interest you to know that it helps rebuild the capital. Ok, I am going to cut that off for a sec. I do think the capital needs restored, but they have been working on it for almost ten years now.

Why? because idiots fund that by buying a lotto ticket hoping to pull them self out of the gutter, while the state uses their money to repair a gutter on the capital. Plus it just so happens that the capital keeps falling apart. I thought we (Iowa) was supposed to have the best looking capital in the US. Or was that state advertising, that was funded by the lotto. I am not twenty one yet, but that does not matter. I think that my chances of winning the lotto increase if I do not play.

How do I figure this, I will get rich saving all those bucks it takes to buy a ticket. And with that money, that I save, I will become rich off of that. Crazy huh. What are you disagreeing? That is too bad, hey, why don’t you take that dollar you have in your hand, and buy your self a couple of clues. You could take the first one and heed what I just said, and save the rest for a better date, or you could sell them to me for a dime. The choice is yours, play lotto and lose, or give me a dollar for two quarters. Either way your a [expletive] loser.

Yours Truly

Results are in!

Barack Obama won a second term pretty easily for many reasons.  Of course I am not happy about it.  Here are my thoughts with how I am backing them up

Romney was the GOP’s “most electable” candidate.

This kind of thinking by pragmatic and party line Republicans is what helped form the Tea Party.  The Republican party is terrified of their core base and has made themselves a pastel gray of the Democratic Party (they are guilty of it as well to some extent).  Like Reagan said in his 1976 speech:

There are cynics who say that a party platform is something that no one bothers to read and is doesn’t very often amount to much.  Whether it is different this time than is has ever been before, I believe the Republican party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale pastel shades

I know 50 shades of grey is popular, but that is not how you win an election.  It is time for the Republican party to read their own platform and cling too it rather than running from it.

Romney was Not the Lessor of Two Evils

Had Mittens would have won somehow, the campaign Mitt would have been shelved and Moderate Mitt from Massachusetts would have arrived to rubber stamp a lot of the things that conservatives and libertarians are disgusted with, only he might have used a small stamp than Obama.  He was not the lessor of two evils, but rather the equal of two evils.  What troubles me is that way too many conservatives that I know were willing to close their eyes and jump on board.  Couple examples to that:

  1. Mitt previously supported Pro Choice, but shifted to align with cases of rape/incest.
  2. Romney Care of Massachusetts was a blue print for Obamacare.  (although Romney care might have been more sustainable, and he at least had bi partisanship support)
  3. During the Republican primaries, everyone except Mitt was fighting to be the “anti-Romney”
Stop blaming third Party voters!
To all the republicans who don’t get it and somehow think that Mitt was uber conservative, stop blaming people who voted third party by saying it was a vote for Obama.  Are you going to accuse the liberals who voted for the Green Party candidate of pitching a vote for Romney, because that is essentially what they did. Maybe if the GOP would nominate someone that supports the base values of the Republican platform, this would not be an issue.  Some people do not bend principals and I am one of them.
Why so ashamed?
I have plenty of friends that were secretly supporting Obama and voted for him, or some that were vocal about it and now they are all trying to hide the evidence of this.  To me, that is worse than being a true blue liberal.  It speaks to the masses saying “I support Obama, but I don’t want my friends to know that because they might not like me any more”  Same for Romney too, but if you are hiding your beliefs like that, you are doing what Terrorist do by hiding behind innocent civilians.  (probably a bad analogy I know).


So what now?

Well we will have to see, Obamacare is now a mandate and no doubt the value of the US Dollar will continue to be devalued.  I would advise praying, that is what I am going to do.  But don’t blame me, because I voted for Gary Johnson.


Election Day

It is election day here in America.  I was going to write an article on why this election is important (it is by the way) and reasons for why we are skewing away from the constitution, but my brain hurts from all the constant opponent bashing at all levels.  So I decided it would be more fun for me to bash all the candidates for office that I have been privy to seeing or hearing an ad about.  So here goes.

Presidential Race

Mitt Romney

  • Too easy to call Mittens
  • Might wear freaky special underwear
  • Real first name is Willard (google it!)
  • If he win’s, will become Moderate Mitt
  • Wishy washy on Abortion
Barack Obama
  • Has an Islamic name
  • Will blame himself for inheriting a bad economy if he wins a second term
  • Is a US citizen but doesn’t hold America’s traditional values
  • Does not know how many states there are
  • Has never really held a “real” job
Gary Johnson
  • Couldn’t cut it as a Republican or a Democrat (not a bad thing)
  • Totally cool with deregulating controlled substances
  • Would rather us be a reactive Military than proactive
  • Believes life is precious, but believes Goverment should stay out of “life” issues
  • Only nut jobs will vote for him
Ron Paul
  • See Gary Johnson above
  • Has two first names for his name
  • Seriously Steve Forbes, Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader all knew when to throw the towel in
  • Dude is like 80 (77 actually at time of writing)
  • Smells funny (probably, I dunno these were just made up)
US Representative IA 4th District
Christie Vilsack
  • No one liked your hubby as governor, oh wait that was Chet Culver
  • Has a nagging/shrill voice
  • Totally vested in the National Democratic ideas and not Iowas
  • Had to move back to Iowa to compete for the race
  • Did not keep Terrace Hill completely clean (I know I saw the dust left on the lamps)
Steve King
  • Eats apple pie with cheese on it
  • Could legitimately lose to a nag
  • Does not have a filter for what he says (not a bad thing)
  • Likes the Baltimore Ravens
  • Makes me want to play checkers (KING ME!)
US Representative IA 3rd District
Leonard Boswell
  • Dude looks like Boris Yeltsen
  • Does not spend majority of his time in Iowa
  • Totally cool with illegal immigrants voting
  • Well liked by Prince Harry and Princess Pelosi
  • Slammed my cousin
Tom Latham
  • Keeps having his district flipped upside down on him
  • Well liked by the chuck wagon (Grassley that is)
  • Family runs a “seedy” operations (Ha thats a joke)
  • Pretty cool with the TSA
  • Is Danish
There is a whole slew of local races that I am not going to get involved with, but never the less if you have not voted yet and are undecided I hope I helped you make up your mind.  You should vote, however as it is your patriot duty and requirement to complain about future Governmental issues.

We get what we deserve

So Barack Hussein Obama becomes America’s first black president. Well good for him, but when the country is in an economic slump, gas goes to five dollars plus a gallon, electricity cost rise to unforeseen levels, taxes are at their highest for everyone, and the world views us as weak because we cut bait and run, all I can say to you is you get what you asked for…

And so begins the socialization of America, with the most radical liberal that has ever been as our new president.

Not that I think McCain would have been much better, I just can’t believe their are that many bumper sticker believers out there…

The Anti-Christ

Recently I received an email that read;
According to The Book of Revelations:

The Anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40’s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, he will destroy everything.

And Now:
For the award winning Act of Stupidity Of all times the People of America want to elect, to the most Powerful position on the face of the Planet — The Presidency of the United states of America.. A Male of Muslim descent who is the most extremely liberal Senator in Congress (in other words an extremist) and in his 40’s.

Have the American People completely lost their Minds, or just their Power of Reason???

I’m sorry but I refuse to take a chance on the ‘unknown’ candidate Obama…

The truth is that the Anti-Christ will not come to power until fulfillment of I Thessalonians 4:16, which obviously has not happened as I am posting this blog. While I certainly do not agree with him (Obama) on just about anything I don’t think it is fair to label him the “Anti-Christ,” I AM ok with labeling him as Liberal Extremist who is friendly to terrorist domestic and abroad. I am not saying Obama is or isn’t (the Anti-Christ could be living now), I am just saying that it does not fit God’s time table thus far…

Furthermore, I don’t know where in Revelation it actually uses the term “Anti-Christ” let alone uses the comparisons this email has made. Maybe the reason I don’t know where it is at is because it does not exist in Revelation or anywhere in the Bible for that matter.

And if you disagree, I am ok with that even though I am a bitter American clinging to my guns and faith with antipathy towards those who are different than me.

Many Items

What to write about,
-Upcoming birth of baby
-Iowa Caucus
-New Years Resolution

Quickly about all of them!

The baby is currently breeched, and I’m not talking slightly were talking completely backwards. We we’re given the choice of attempting to move the baby then induce labor or a cesarean, we lobbied for the cesarean as it is less risky. Tuesday is the day updates will follow

Iowa Caucus:
I did not attend the Caucus because I was helping Doug (by helping I mean more like watching to learn; I’m paying him its ok). Huckabee (ol’ Huck) beat out Mormon Romney and Fred Thompson. On the donkey side, Barack Saddam Hussein Kim Jong Ill Obama bin Laden beat Pretty Boy Edwards and Billary. With poor turnout’s Chris Dodd and Joe Biden are dropping out of the DNC race. Latest report is Chris Dodd is using the FMLA that he instituted to nurture his wife from his recent loss. Biden on the other hand was seen in his hotel lobby with a teddy bear trying to pacify himself to sleep. All analysts agree Edwards is nothing more than a good running candidate and Romney had lots of money that apparently does not impress many Republicans (this one included). I say run Ronald Reagan again! Sure he had Alzheimer’s and the whole death thing but I still think if he was running he would gather more support than any one of these bozos. I like Fred Thompson’s platform; Win the War, Secure the Borders, Punch the Hippies. But then again ol’ Huck has been endorsed by Chuck Norris…

New Year’s resolutions
I recently read a post on a friend site and I agree with him, a lot of resolutions are just goals that happen to start on day one of a new year. Well not to be left out here are mine.

-No buffets for a year
-No ice cream for a year
-Cut back on soda
-Cut back on gaming time (Computer)

I have others but I think they will happen natively if I accomplish number four. As for buffets I think I’ll be ok on that. The biggest loss will be Chinese but there is good Chinese besides buffet. However ice cream; that will be tough. That would be like a smoker giving up tobacco. But I am going to hold myself accountable to that one.

In other news, Impala will be paid off very soon, I have posted some more pictures on picasa and found some pictures I was looking for.

The Simpson’s Movie

I had the opportunity to take in the new Simpson’s Movie at the theater in Ames. I did have some reservations about going, the first being I am not one to spend seven dollars plus on a movie that is in a large room on a bigger screen. To me it just isn’t that important to see something on the big screen when I can wait and watch it in the comfort of my own home cheaper with out (reason 2) overpriced popcorn that is no better than what you can make at home or without overpriced pop (yes I said pop, not soda, coke).

Despite my two reasons I felt that this movie was worth spending the time and money on because, it had been at least two years since I had been to a theater. Even as I write this I am unsure what was the last movie I saw on the “big screen”. I am wondering if it might of been a freebie that I was receiving, perhaps it was one of the Lord of the Rings that I was forced to watch, it might of even been Shrek 2. Regardless I had not been to one in a while.

So we went, as I paid for four tickets (Tress, Heath, Kimberly, and myself) I was surprised to see that they were $6.75. I guess my first reason is moot at this point. After purchasing the tickets we went to a restaurant of a Asian nature.

Normally this restaurant is really good but this day, it was a struggle to say that anything but the ice cream was good. Maybe it was because I was sorta sick. At any rate, I bring this up because while we were eating, I could not help once again but wish a certain friend of mine was there to “translate” what was being said. He was probably busy working at his job where he is the CEO of something.

None of that really matters, but when we finally got back to the theater complex we had some time to spare so I spent a few bucks in the arcade. While this goes against my overpaying for things policy, I challenged Heath to an air hockey game final score 7-5, challenged Tress to a race final place 5th and 10th (respectively), and attempted my skill at the claw final score Travis -$.50 Claw +$.50. I was actually quite pleased with this mini arcade, simply because it had a decent air hockey table. Nothing makes me more irritated than spending $.75-$1.00 on air hockey only to have the puck not move because it has been abused.

Once we entered the actual room where the movie was to take place I was surprised to see that there was not many people in it, which kind of made me happy thinking less screaming kids and less stupid people who leave their cell phones on (maybe that qualifies as reason 3 and 4).

The first thing we noticed was that there was no sound for the screeners (not previews). Heath and Kimberly said the last time they were at this theater, about five minutes of the movie played without sound and once that was fixed, the focus of the movie was all messed up. Sound finally came though at great shock because we were not expecting it when it came. I believe it was quiet and all of a sudden, as if God had spoken himself we hear “PLEASE FOR THE CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS AT&T ASKS YOU TO TURN OF YOUR CELL PHONE AND PAGER”

The second thing we noticed in addition to the normal dirty floors and left over garbage that the Emo kids who worked at the theater did not want to clean up was that the room was poorly air conditioned. I really don’t think that it ever got better, but perhaps by the time the previews were starting with sound I stopped caring.

The previews, were well lousy. In fact I felt like hitting someone over them. I could not believe that the movies they previewed. Ahh, enough said about this.

You know all of this up until this point has been like a building up sequence to this great movie. Well the movie was great and I won’t disclose details. However I was wondering how far they would push the envelope in this movie. One scene for sure they could not of shown on TV the other I am unsure. It was defiantly worth the time and money, and I think I could of even paid $7.50 for if I had to. Thankfully I did not.

My recommendation is go see it if your a hardcore Simpson’s fan as myself, its worth it.