Survey for Verizon Wireless

Recently, we switched cell carriers from Verizon Wireless to Straight Talk. It wasn’t an on a whim type situation, rather I had did the research and contemplated other carriers as well. Our account with Verizon was officially closed earlier this month or later last month (I don’t really remember).

Anyway, they asked me to fill out a survey without reward. Normally I don’t do this but I figured others had left for the same reasons I did so I thought it might be good to chime in and let them know how I felt.

Their survey was worded in such that they realized that people jumped ship because of the loss/unavailability of unlimited data, but in reasons/incentives for returning, unlimited data was not an option. So basically, it is off the table.

In the open area with the question of: “What would Verizon need to do to gain you back as a customer? Please be specific” I decided to have a bit of fun with it.



Let me start by saying


  • I liked Verizon’s coverage.
  • I liked Verizon’s customer service.
  • I liked Verizon’s phone options.
  • I liked Verizon’s website manager for my account.
  • I did not like Verizon’s pricing structure.
  • I did not like killing off grandfathered plans with throttled data.


I was pretty happy with Verizon for the duration that we had them, until the change was made to eliminate unlimited data. As a customer with an IT background, you would have a pretty hard time to proving to me that offering unlimited data to customers is costing you money.  More or less, it was a decision made on Verizon’s behalf to increase sales.

I am ok with a business needing to do what it takes to stay in business but I don’t see this as something that was costing Verizon money.

So what would it take to get me back…?


  1. Two decent Android phones for a reasonable cost or free.
  2. Unlimited everything on those phones without penalty or throttling at a certain rate.
  3. A one page contract with no more than 200 words.
  4. A nice bouquet of red and black balloons filled with helium and weighted down with the said two phones.
  5. A large bag of kettle corn, made authentically. Large bag = 45 gallons or more.
  6. Our same numbers, ported back (we kept them).
  7. A large auto renewing sponsorship to the Waffle House Iowa Project (
  8. A ride around the block on the back of a tricycle while one of your sales reps pedals.
  9. Cases for the said two phones.
  10. Convince PepsiCo to bring back Crystal Pepsi.


If you can make these happen, I’d be happy to return as a customer to you. If not, no hard feelings and perhaps you will have better luck getting others back.


Former Customer T-rav


Iowa needs a Waffle House

Below is a recent letter I sent to Waffle House, Inc. in hopes that they would bring a Waffle House to Iowa. Join my quest!

I have written before and expressed my love of Waffle House. I still love the Waffle House and enjoy whenever my travels take me to Waffle House territory. Sadly this is the only time I get to enjoy WH unless I am willing to make a two and a half hour trek to Kansas City.

While it may seem selfish to request Waffle House to consider Iowa for franchising and expansion to save me from making a road trip, I do feel that there is a certain profitability that Waffle House could enjoy in Iowa.

I only offer the following in hopes that it will help bring a Waffle House to Iowa not only for my enjoyment but for the enjoyment of the masses of Iowan’s who have never been to one a reality.

  • Iowa is served by three interstates, two of which (80 and 35) are major US corridors. Des Moines is a crossroads point where these two intersect.
  • Two major college towns; Iowa City and Ames reside on 80 and 35 respectively.
  • Iowa has very little (if any) competition in terms of 24 hour Waffle House style restaurants. There are no Huddle Houses in the state; 1 Denny’s in Clear Lake, 2 Cracker Barrel’s (Des Moines and Davenport). IHop would be the exception as they currently have nine locations throughout the state and are planning to add seven more.
  • The Iowa State Fair in August brings in record masses to Des Moines, many of which will camp at the fair or stay at various places in Des Moines
  • The State of Iowa offers grants, tax credits and assistance for creating jobs within the state.
  • Prime locations (as I and a few others have noted):
    • Des Moines/Urbandale: Highest traffic ratio due to 80 and 35 sharing same route. Des Moines metropolitan area is the largest in Iowa and one of the fastest growing in the nation in terms of population (based on US Census growth 2000 to 2004).
    • Iowa City/Coralville: University of Iowa, also on 80. US218 intersects with I80 here before turning into I380 which heads to Cedar Rapids and Waterloo
    • Ames: Iowa State University, also on 35. US30 intersects I35 here
    • Quad Cities: High traffic and population base, I74, I80, and I88 converge here
    • Council Bluffs: I29 and I80 intersect here, large population base from Omaha.

While I certainly cannot mandate that Waffle House expands in Iowa I do want to bring the landscape as it exists today. I do enjoy Waffle House and will continue to drive/eat until one opens in Iowa.

Travis Blubaugh