My Testimony

My testimony is rather lengthy but, not long enough to fill the blessings for which I have been privileged to receive.

I was saved from my sin when I was eight, the first week in July, 1989. I was just a kid attending a fun vacation bible school at my current house of faith, Fellowship Baptist Church. That week was a blessing as I received Christ as my personal Saviour. It really has been a roller coaster from then till now, but I understand now more than I did then, that I truly was lost.

You see, until I understood what sin was, I was not even sure that I was a sinner. Oh I still am a sinner, but a sinner saved by grace. At that time, it felt wonderful to know that I had a home in Heaven waiting for me, but it did not seem that I deserved such a gift, but I do not, hence the reason why it is a gift. For if I did deserve it it would be a reward, and not a gift.

But honestly, up until recently, I did not realize how blessed I am. I was brought up with two of the finest parents who encouraged me to do new things, figure out problems, punished me when I did wrong, made me get a job to work for things so I would appreciate them more, and loved me through the process. With out them, I would not have been saved, through there teachings and encouragement, I would have never known why I needed to be saved.

God has enabled me with many wonderful gifts and he has been very gracious to me. I look back on my life and look at all the times, God gave me what I prayed for (just as he promises in Matthew), and kept me out of harms way when it crossed my path.

I have prayed for my last three jobs, and I am convinced that I did not get them because of my degree, my knowledge, my talents, or any other factor. I prayed for God to provide those jobs to me, and He delivered. You might think differently but let me offer this take on things, I also prayed that God would enable me to finish school so I could get that degree. If He did not want me to finish school, he could have found other things for me to do. My knowledge, a gift from God. My talents, the same thing. By the grace of God they could be taken from me in an instant and I would be as I truly am, useless and unable to do it in my own doing. Jesus says that “with men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God, all things are possible” (Mark 10:27). For this is true, I would not have any of the aforementioned with out God’s doing and without my faith in God.

Frankly I could have been killed many times over. From all the deer that like to jump out in front of me or just from my own stupidity driving. Each time, God saved me. Have your doubts, try this on for size. One day I thought for sure I was going to hit a deer that just happened to be in front of me. Instead of cussing (like I might have done in the past), I said a quick silent prayer and at the last second, the deer moved. Now your saying, oh that’s just coincidence. Well unbeliever how about this one. Another time I was driving, and it was icy out. I thought for sure I was not going to stop and end up in a ditch or hit a car in front of me, again a silent prayer was said and the car stopped.

Now you may be reading this and thinking, this all sounds good, but its just a bunch of luck or something to that nature. I think otherwise. For if I was faith less and was counting on luck, luck would have failed me by now and I would not been able to write my testimony down.

My last point and most important, I have the peace and joy of Christ in me. No matter what the storm, or problem, I know I will manage and come through it, because of my faith in God to provide the path, for he knows best.

If your interested in having the joy and peace in your own heart, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help!